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Round Planters

A round planter silhouette satisfies a range of commercial design needs, both functional and aesthetic. A large round planter can grace pedestals within a fountain, sit atop a stone column, or be set along walkways and sidewalks leading up to a commercial building. In any presentation, round planters exude a sense of elegant sophistication that is further enhanced by vibrant choices of shrubs, trees or multi-plant and flower arrangements.

Round planters exist for simple and sleek, or embellished and ornate designs alike. Produced in assorted styles, colors, finishes and textures, they will enhance commercial spaces with a sense of style and functionality. Outside or inside, retail or professional, large round planters help to realize the freshness that comes along with adding plants and flowers to a commercial design scheme. Choose from various round planters online, and most can be ordered in custom sizes as well.

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Round Fiberglass Planters
Modern Round Cylinder Planters
12 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available
Contempo Tapered Round Planters
15 Standard Sizes - Customs Sizes Available
Solerno Round Planters
4 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available
The Capri -  Round Outdoor Planter
9 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available
The Valencia -  Large Commercial Grade Planter
12 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available
Naples Round Planters
15 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available
Prato Round Planter
10 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available
Orvieto Round Planters
10 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available
Metropole Round Planter
4 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available
Tuscany Round Planters
14 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available
Abbey Round Planters
7 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available
Griffin Round Fiberglass Planters
5 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available
Villagio Round Planters
11 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available
Belterra Round Planters
13 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available
Dartington Round Low Bowl Planter
Carlisle Round Planter
Laurelwood Round Planter
Novara Round Planter
Miro Sphere Planters
Madera Round Planters
Seville Large Terracotta Pot
Nazca Round Planters
Balboa Curved Round Fiberglass Planter
Fiberglass Half-Round Planters
Dartington Round Commercial Planters
Modular Planters
7 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available
Low Bowl Shaped Planters
Modern Low Bowl Planters
9 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available
Balboa Low Bowl Planters
2 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available
Luna Low Bowl Fiberglass Planters
5 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available
Square Modern Low Bowl Planters
Alexandria Flower Bowl Planter
1 Standard Size- Custom Sizes Available
Rosetta Bowl Planters
5 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available
Italian Villa Bowl Planters
9 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available
Tuscany Low Profile Low Bowl Planter
1 Standard Size- Custom Sizes Available
Santorini Bowl Fiberglass Planters
1 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available
Akio Low Bowl Lightweight Planters
Bristol Low Bowl Commercial Planters
Malibu Low Bowl Fiberglass Planters
Farrow Fiberglass Planter w/ Optional Pedestal
Argos Fiberglass Planter on Pedestal
Verano Fiberglass Planter on Pedestal
Fiberglass Urn Planters
Imperial Urn Planter- 30" Dia. x 36"H
Venetian Vase Planter- 24" Dia. x 32"H
Majestic Urn Planter- 32" Dia. x 26"H
Jar & Jug Shaped Planters
Portofino Planter
6 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available
Cairo Vase Planter
4 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available
Large Fiberglass Spheres
Fiberglass Spheres
Concrete Planters
Nepal GFRC Low Bowl Planter 26in. Dia. x 8in. H
Nepal GFRC Low Bowl Planter 32in. Dia. x 10.5in. H
Nepal GFRC Low Bowl Planter 44in. Dia. x 17.5in. H
Halley GFRC Sphere Planter 20in. Dia. x 16in. H
Halley GFRC Sphere Planter 48in. Dia. x 37in. H
Modern GFRC Planter 51inLx20inWx28inH
Illuminated Round Tapered Planters
Bellini Illuminated Planters
Raphael Illuminated Tapered Planter
Ghiberti Illuminated Round Planters
Tyrell Round Vase Planter 12"Dx24"H
Tully Round Planter 24"Dx20"H
Illuminated Round Planters
20"Dia x 19"H Canaletto Illuminated Cylindrical Planter
18"Dia x 35"H Canaletto Illuminated Cylindrical Planter
Stark Round Planter 22"Dx14"H
Frey Round Planter 14"Dx24"H
Bolton Round Planter 18"Dx18"H
Arryn Round Planter 12"Dx30"H
Illuminated Sphere Planters
32in. Dia. x 22in.H Vispo Illuminated Sphere Planter
Illuminated Spheres
16in.Dia Donatello Illuminated Sphere
21"Dia Donatello Illuminated Sphere
28"Dia Donatello Illuminated Sphere
Argento Illuminated Planters
19in. Dia. x 17in.H Argento Lighted Planter
22in. Dia. x 31in.H Argento Lighted Planter
Designers, architects and project planners: the search for commercial grade round planters to suit your project is over! At Planters Unlimited, our circular planter collection boasts a range of style, material, size, color and finish options. This extensive round planter assortment leaves little to be desired, as a container befitting of most any application is sure to be found above.

Each round planter design featured here is made from durable, commercial-grade materials designed for exterior applications, but also suited to large-scale interior applications such as atriums, rotundas or convention centers. Many circular planter designs are composed of fiberglass, which is a material known for impressive resilience and an ability to mimic other materials. With the right color and finish, round planters can be made to resemble cast stone, concrete or warmer materials like a terra cotta color ceramic.

Round planters brought to you by Planters Unlimited are designed to hold up in tough 'commercial-scapes' while exuding the look and feel of a refined architectural accent. Place a commercial-grade circular planter inside or outside, on a hilly slope or around a fountain, and watch an imagined vision transform into a design reality.

Circular planter styles found in this section of commercial gardening containers include pieces fashioned after traditional, Tuscan and modern influences, to name a few. For understated simplicity, picture the Capri or Belterra round planters dressed up with elegant floral arrangements, thereby adding distinction to an arched entryway. If aiming for a bolder statement, styles like the sprawling Rosetta Bowl or the cheerfully convex Abbey may offer a better fit. Also notice many of our conical planters are translatable across different design styles. One example is the Tuscany, which our clients point out as working well in both Italian and Southwestern themed commercial-scapes, among others. Whatever element of design needs fulfilling, find it embodied in one our round commercial planters.

Many round planters come with various size, color and finish options. Whether serving as practical delineator or bold focal point, Planters Unlimited helps clients to create useful, durable and attractive commercial gardening containers. Order from standard sizes and options online, or call toll free for custom round planter requests.