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Outdoor Artificial Plants, Trees & Hedges

Artificial Plants Unlimited is your one stop solution for outdoor artificial plants in commercial settings. Outdoor artificial plants, trees and hedges can be used in conjunction with large commercial planters to enhance the look of a hotel, office or public space.

Rather than search for artificial plants from one company and hope they match up and fit with the planter why not come to Artificial Plants Unlimited where we can help you choose the best outdoor artificial plants that fit perfectly into one of our custom made planters.

Our outdoor rated artificial hedge material, plants and trees are created through a process where the ultraviolet protection is impregnated into the material during manufacturing. This blending of chemicals into the fabric, plastic and PVC parts improves colorfastness and minimizes color degradation. After one year of UV exposure equivalent to the climate of Miami, FL, the product we use had no visible color loss.

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