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Terrariums with Artificial Plants

In need of an interior design refresh? Hanging terrariums is a great way to add modern, green accents to any room of the house. Our artificial plant terrarium containers come with all the right stuff for creating gorgeous enclosed displays. Choose from charming tabletop and floating configurations to fit any application. All are lovely and lifelike for the ultimate, maintenance-free plant accent.

The jar and hanging terrariums for sale online at Artificial Plants Unlimited make a carefree addition to home or office interiors. Tabletop terrarium containers are great for dining rooms, reception areas and kitchen islands. While a floating artificial plant terrarium can go virtually anywhere - from empty living room corners to cubicles. Get creative with multi-container arrangements suspended at different heights to create dazzling dimension.

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Mixed Agave and Tillandsia in Glass Jar with Lid, 18 in.
Mixed Sedum and Jade Plants in Glass Jar with Lid, 12 in.
Mixed Succulents and Agave in Glass Bowl, 14 in.
Mixed Echeveria and Jade Plants in Glass Jar
Jade Plant in Glass Jar with Lid, 11 in.
Tillandsia and Echeveria in Glass Jar with Lid, 9 in.
Mini Aloe Easter Grass and Tillandsia in Glass Jar with Glass Insert, 11 in.
Jade Plant and Fern in Tall Glass Jar with Lid, 28 in.
Easter Grass Echeveria An Donkey Tail in Glass Bowl, 9 in.
Striped Agave Tillandsia and Desert Yucca in Glass Bowl, 11 in.
Easter Grass Echeveria and Succulent in Glass Jar, 12 in.
Butterfly Succulent and Easter Grass in Glass Jar with Lid, 10 in.
Mini White Phael Orchids in Apothecary Jar with Lid, 23 in.
Fern in Large Hanging Glass Teardrop
Aloe and Sedum in Small Glass Teardrop with Rope
Aloe and Succulent in Medium Glass Hanging Birdhouse, 8 in.
Aloe and Succulent in Large Glass Hanging Birdhouse, 12 in.
Succulent in Small Glass Hanging Birdhouse, 6 in.
Succulents in Medium Glass Hanging Birdhouse, 8 in.
Agave and Succulents in Large Glass Hanging Birdhouse, 12 in.
Baby Echeveria in Small Glass Hanging Birdhouse, 6 in.
Succulents Aloe and Echeveria in Glass and Ceramic Terrarium with Lid, 23 in.
Succulent Aloe and Echeveria in Glass Bottle with Cork Lid, 11 in.

Introducing a new variety of terrarium containers for interior design - one completely free of mess or maintenance. This selection of artificial plant terrarium styles can go anywhere. From tabletop to window frame, delight in their easy, "eco-chic" fashion.

No-Muss Modern Charm

As tabletop and hanging terrariums continue to surge in popularity, Artificial Plants Unlimited is proud to offer our customers yet another beautiful, effortless faux alternative. The variety of terrariums for sale online includes styles appropriate for home or office. Whether it's one glass jar for a reception desk, or a multi-planter arrangement for your bedroom, these lifelike displays add an instant "green" boost.

Just Like the Real Thing

Each artificial plant terrarium contains succulent, green plant and flower replicas made of the highest quality synthetic materials. Designs are executed to achieve botanical correctness in terms of shape, color and texture. The resulting terrarium containers are virtually indistinguishable from live plant displays. So much so that these creations are as likely to be utilized by professional interior designers as they are at-home DIY decorators.

Love the clean, modern look of air plants and succulents like echeveria? Our artificial terrarium selection offers up all of your favorite botanical varieties without the need for soil, water sprayers or sunlight.

Mix and Match

It's easy to give any space a gorgeous boost by mixing in terrariums. The glass jar and bubble enclosures come in different styles to match any interior design scheme. And terrariums for sale online cover a range of aesthetics including classically elegant vases, contemporary spheres, and rustic mason jars. With artificial plants thoughtfully paired, every display conveys unique personality. Choose a preferred terrarium container accordingly to complement your interior.

Have a custom tabletop or hanging terrarium in mind? Give us a call toll free. We'd love to hear your ideas and help to execute a creative, lifelike faux plant solution. Be it one container or a cohesive terrarium plantscape, Artificial Plants Unlimited is your source for quality, replica botanicals.