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Pole Banner Brackets, Iron Banner Brackets, Wall Mount Sign Holder

At The Sign Bracket Store we offer standard and ornamental avenue wall mount sign holder brackets, light pole banner brackets, iron banner brackets, and lamp post sign brackets in standard and custom sizes that are tailor-fit for your cities, schools, shopping centers or hospital lamp post bracket needs. The Sign Bracket Store offers a wide selection of ornamental avenue or boulevard banner sign brackets and light pole or lamp post sign brackets that celebrate holidays, seasons, festivals and community pride.

We manufacture custom light pole banner brackets for boulevard and street banners. Banner brackets are sold in sets and include standard 5/16" zinc plated bolts, nuts and lock washers. Installation is fast and easy with an open-end wrench. Call us to discuss sign company discounts and wholesale orders. We can customize every detail of our brackets, just ask!

For Custom Pole Banner Brackets, call:
7am - 5pm PST, M-F

Iron Straight Arm Banner Brackets
Ball Finial Iron Straight Arm Banner Brackets
Fiberglass Type Light Pole Brackets
Aluminum Post Mount Banner Brackets
Ball Finial Banner Bracket Coated with Brass ArmoreCoat Finish
Iron Banner Brackets With Scroll Artwork
Trapeze Style Pole Mount Banner Brackets
Fiberglass Pole Spring Type Banner Brackets

Or use fiberglass BannerSaver or BannerFlex pole banner brackets if you prefer the idea of greater wind spill.  By using this clamping style on our steel fixed arm sign brackets the lamp post or light pole bracket adjustments made later are quick and easy. Zip the provided cable tie through the grommet on your banner, snip...and the job is complete. Our lamp post or light pole spring brackets are epoxy powder coated for appearance and durability.

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In addition to our custom lamp post or light poll sign brackets The Sign Bracket Store offers a variety of bracket sizes which accurately fit square, round and octagon poles. Standard lamp post or light pole sign bracket sizes are made to fit 4", 5" and 6" lamp posts or light poles. Base plates and arm assemblies can be mixed-and-matched to form single or double sets.

All the lamp post or light pole banner brackets that The Sign Bracket Store offers are built to last, and to perform well when wind is a challenge. Our standard 3/16" x 3" sign brackets support banners 15 square feet or less. For larger banners we make "GIANT" 1/4" x 4" versions of our standard models, and they support banners up to 24 square feet or more.  

Use our GIANT brackets when the requirement calls for the strongest bracket on the market.

All the weather resistant matte-black powder-coated steel wall mount sign holder brackets offered at The Sign Bracket Store are rigid in the wind, reducing destructive non-uniform distribution of wind force to the banner seams. Banners on our rigid sign brackets hang evenly, resist tearing, and last longer.

Avenue or Boulevard Sign Banners are prevented from shifting or sliding off the arm by a black nylon zip tie threaded through a zip tie loop on the bracket and through the grommet in your banner. This ensures a secure uniform fit and appearance. Most other bracket types require unsightly strings or wires tied around the lamppost. Our bracket arm is sealed with a black polymer end cap for a finished appearance and protection against the elements.

 Our standard GIANT bracket arm length is 38" which fits a banner 36" wide. (The banner pole pocket should be 4.5" flat.) Other lengths & gauges are available or can be made to complement any banner size. Installation by one person is fast & easy, using only one standard wrench tool, saving time and money.  

Hooks and Lattice is still in the process of loading our banner and bracket product offering. Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.

 Custom Styles and Special Size Sign Brackets can be made to your specifications.