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Peony Con Amour Arrangement

It's no secret that flowers are the timeless symbol of love, affection, and friendship. You give flowers when you're feeling happy, to celebrate special occasions, or even to offer condolences during times of grief. All of life's special moments are hallmarked by beautiful floral arrangements. The only downside? Eventually, those arrangements wither. With these artificial floral arrangements, you get all the beauty you desire, but without the eventual drying up, dying, and cleaning up brown petals from the kitchen table. Their vibrant pink shades, and soft white hues will last as long as the sentiments they represent. Whether you want to show that someone special that you care, or you just want a lively way to add a little color to your home, our Peony Con Amour arrangement is a fitting choice.

The design boasts numerous peony flowers arranged in a pool of soft, pastel pink and bolder and more vibrant pink shades. White flowers are also featured for a subtle contrast that balances out the look for a beautiful finishing touch. All flowers are displayed together in a decorative silver vase with a textured crackle exterior, creating an elegant look that's luxurious enough for even the most memorable of occasions. It also makes a stunning hostess gift or thank you present. Or, pick one up for yourself for a timeless table arrangement or desktop plant.