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French Cleats, Z-Clips, and French Cleat Hangers

French Cleat Hangers for wallboard, plywood, concrete, hollow or grout filled block, brick and plaster.

Commonly referred to as French Cleats, Z-Clips, heavy duty panel hangers or simply cleats, this woodworking hardware is designed for indoor and outdoor use.

This hardware provides a simple and secure method for hanging signs, panels and other large objects on flat surfaces. Heavy duty panel hangers and cleat hangers are a great solution for mounting wood veneer, laminate-clad paneling, signs, mirrors, headboards or artwork. Each Aluminum French Cleat Hardware or Hanger Clip is extruded using a durable aluminum alloy.

The Sign Bracket Store stocks various sizes for all of your cleat hanging needs: from 2" to 12" long with two pre-drilled holes or in stock lengths of 2', 4', 6' or 8' with holes drilled every 8", standard. Our cleat hangers can also be custom cut or drilled to your specifications, and french cleat fixings are often used as flush mount cabinet and shutter hardware fasteners.

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LIGHT Duty Cleat (Sold as a Pair)
MEDIUM Duty Cleat (Sold as a Pair)
HEAVY Duty Cleat (Sold as a Pair)

French Cleat Hangers, also known as Z-clips, are a commonly used tool for hanging signs, cabinets, panels, boxes or any large object that needs support across its full length for mounting. Woodworking cleat hangers can be used in a wide variety of applications where large objects need to be mounted along a flat surface and are commonly used in commercial and industrial settings. Use metal cleats to display large commercial artwork in a contemporary way; rugged extruded aluminum construction guarantees a rust free and lightweight installation solution.

These wall brackets are not only simple and effective tools for sturdy flush mounting, they also provide the ideal solution for projects where hardware needs to be hidden from sight. Unlike other hangers, clips or nails, the French Cleat flush mount hanger makes for a clean suspension that ensures viewers are focused on the visual of your hung object, not the hardware used to fasten it.

In most installations, the hanger clip one length of the cleat system needs to be installed on a wall and another length flipped upside down needs to be fastened to the object being hung. Because the weight of the object is being dispersed along the entire length of the hardware, heavier objects can be mounted efficiently and securely with cleat hangers. When properly affixed to flat surfaces, cleat hangers or hanger clips display your shelving, artwork, signs, mirrors, laminate-clad paneling and more with impeccable strength.

When choosing the proper style of french cleat fixings there are a few factors to keep in mind: particularly, the weight of the object, the offset and the drop. The offset is the distance between the back of the object and the wall, and the drop - sometimes referred to as the "lift" - is the distance the cleat drops as it nestles into the opposing track. So, typically speaking, the heavier duty the cleat, the larger the offset and the drop.

If you are hanging a heavy object that needs to be mounted as close to the wall as possible you would want to use more length and light duty (smaller offset) cleats. If the offset is not critical you should use heavy duty French Cleat Hangers.

Since most projects require two flush mount cleat hangers, one to mount to the wall and one attached to the object to be hung, our cleats are sold in pairs. However, we do offer combinations of different sizes for custom projects upon request. To complete a custom order, or for questions on stock products please call us at 1-888-919-7446, 7am-5pm PST, M-F.