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Commercial Hanging Basket Brackets

Get years of durable beauty with commercial hanging basket brackets by Planters Unlimited. Our selection of heavy-duty hanging basket brackets includes wall-mount and pole-mount options. Powder coated in black textured finishes, each of these wrought iron hanging basket brackets is suited to exterior applications in public and high traffic areas.

Planters hung on poles, street lights and walls overflowing with flowers are a popular addition to downtown redevelopment projects and apartment complexes. The baskets are beautiful, but what about the brackets? From clean and simple to ornate and decorative, our bracket designs look great in any setting. We offer wall-mounted heavy-duty brackets, or you can hang your baskets from light poles with our lamp post mounting brackets.

To order commercial basket brackets for posts and poles, choose from the standard shapes and sizes listed online or call for a custom order. Because we are the manufacturer, any commercial corner, wall or post bracket is within our capabilities.

For questions or custom orders, call customer service at: 888-320-0626 7am - 5pm PST, M-F

One-Way Scroll Arm Lamp Post Bracket
Two-Way Scroll Arm Lamp Post Bracket
Heavy Duty Scroll Arm Wall Mount Hanging Basket Bracket
One-Way Hook Style Hanging Basket Bracket
Two-Way Hook Style Hanging Basket Bracket
Simple Arch Wall Mount Hanging Basket Bracket
One-Way Twisted Arm  Hanging Basket Bracket
Two-Way Twisted Arm Hanging Basket Bracket
Decorative Scroll Heavy Duty Wall Mount  Basket Bracket
Slip Over Hanging Basket Bracket

Shop commercial planter brackets - including product models for applications as wall, post or light pole hanging basket brackets - conveniently online from Planters Unlimited. Our stock options include popular sizes and styles of wall or post hanging basket brackets. And, if you don't see the specific option to suit your particular project, we offer individual consultation over the phone to discuss custom plant hooks.

In commercial landscape design, hanging planters make a lively addition to project plans for cities, municipalities, home owners associations, retail spaces or private commercial properties. Like along a downtown boulevard, lamp post planter basket hooks are an easy way to utilize already existing fixtures as a host for lovely cascading floral arrangements. Or in the rotunda of an office building, commercial basket hangers for walls easily affix to your mounting surface and provide an instant solution to display planting containers.

Post and light pole planter brackets come in lovely arched or straight arm silhouettes, with one-way or two-way arm configurations. Utilized primarily in commercial applications, these lamp post hanging basket brackets also work brilliantly in residential yards or gardens.

Commercial basket brackets for wall applications come in simple arch or straight arm styles for a functional approach at reasonable cost. For a more ornate design, the Decorative Scroll Heavy Duty Wall Mount Basket Bracket could be just the thing.

Each of the wall, light pole and post hanging basket brackets found on our website is a heavy duty, commercial grade product made from durable steel with a powder coated, textured black finish. Stock styles and sizes vary and include a range of arm silhouettes, arm lengths, bracket heights and diameter measurements for post and light pole hanging basket brackets. Planters Unlimited can offer personalized consultation on any products listed on our website, and we will also discuss custom orders of industrial strength hooks for outdoor hanging baskets for project specifications not met by one of our stock products.

To discuss products on our website or a custom order please contact a knowledgeable member of our design team. Someone is available to assist you at 1-888-320-0626, 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.