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Decorative Bird Cages

Get an instant design boost by adding bird cage decor to a table, ledge or countertop. Inside or outside, decorative bird cages are undeniably charming. Enjoy their vintage appeal on a foyer table, sunroom alcove or patio ledge. Lovely silhouettes formed in unique combinations of materials and finishes are sure to charm in any setting.

Use vintage-inspired enclosures as a creative bird cage planter or a display case to show off favorite decorations. Bird cage decor featuring wire cloches work well for plant display and are especially useful for climbing vine and flower varieties. And during seasonal swings, use decorative bird cages as a festive way to incorporate timely colors and themes. From Christmas ornaments to richly colored fall leaves, make these charming cages an expression of the season.

From an outdoor bird cage planter to a dining room centerpiece, make decorative bird cages work for your unique home decor. For more details please click on individual products below.

Set of 2 Tall Wood and Wire Bird Cage Centerpieces
Set of 2 Wide Wood and Wire Bird Cage Centerpieces
Small Bird Cage Planter - Red
Medium Bird Cage Planter - Yellow
Large Bird Cage Planter - Green
Medium Glass Bird Cloche on Stand
Large Glass Bird Cloche on Stand
Driftwood Birdhouse
Price: $40.85
Enjoy decorative bird cages as a charming addition to interior and exterior home decor. From a bird cage planter on a patio table to a chic dining room centerpiece, each vintage-inspired enclosure makes an outstanding decoration. And with unique designs made from various materials and finishes, this collection offers something to suit a range of tastes.

Enhance interior spaces using bird cage decor on tabletops, ledges, alcoves and shelves. For houseplants, a bird cage planter offers a whimsical display case to house potted flowers, climbing vines and other small arrangements. And for favorite candles, small vases and family keepsakes, decorative bird cages make for a lovely presentation. Atop kitchen cabinets, on dining room tables or in a foyer alcove, a bird cage looks elegant and enchanting.

A bird cage planter is also a welcome accent to home exteriors. Fill with favorite greens, blooming plants or vines and adorn al fresco dining with a fresh decoration. Bird cage decor is also lovely as is for a front porch table, on outdoor steps, or placed atop a gazebo ledge. Wire designs are especially at home outdoors.

In addition to everyday charm, bird cage decor is also a fun way to incorporate seasonal festivity. In the summer, incorporate bright wildflowers and colorful faux fruits. During autumn, fallen maple leaves, hearty gourds and small Halloween pumpkins make a festive display. And as winter holidays approach, fill decorative bird cages with Christmas lights, pillar candles and family heirlooms. Finally, in spring, refresh home decor with blooming flowers, faux bird's nest displays and whatever else inspires in the season of renewal!

Exterior and interior bird cage decor featured here is made in a variety of designs from quality-grade materials. Wood, glass, metal and wire are used to create vibrant enclosures with vintage-inspired charm. Depending on the application and type of plant, bird cage planters made with open wire cages may be best for plants and flowers.

For more details on each decorative bird cage, please click on products above. Hooks and Lattice ships all orders with care.