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Indoor Artificial Plants - All

Our Indoor Artificial Plants feature high quality craftsmanship, making artificial plants and trees from this collection look anything but fake. Artificial indoor plants are a favorite of homeowners, designers and architects who love incorporating greenery while excluding the hassle of live plant care.

Artificial indoor plants found here include numerous types of indoor fake plants encompassing a range of flowers, vines, hedges, topiaries, bushes, trees, cactus, succulents, and more. Whether you want green artificial plants and trees or colorful, flowering options, expect to find it in this Indoor Artificial Plants category.

A botanically correct faux plant gives a fresh green touch while adding virtually no maintenance. By utilizing lifelike artificial indoor plants, you bring a long lasting green look for all to enjoy. Indoor fake plants can also be made Inherently Fire Retardant for safety conscious homeowners or for commercial projects with building codes to consider.

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Indoor Artificial Flowers & Vines
22 Commercial Quality Varieties
Indoor Artificial Flowering Plants
28 Commercial Quality Varieties
Indoor Artificial Green Plants
26 Commercial Quality Varieties
Indoor Artificial Hedges
12 Commercial Quality Varieties
Indoor Topiaries
7 Commercial Quality Varieties
Indoor Artificial Green Walls
8 Commercial Quality Varieties
Indoor Artificial Ferns
10 Commercial Quality Varieties
Indoor Cactus & Succulents
22 Commercial Quality Varieties
Indoor Artificial Reeds and Grass
24 Commercial Quality Varieties
Artificial Indoor Boxwood and Hedge Mat Square Tiles
Indoor Flower Grass Mats - Indoor
10 Commercial Quality Varieties
Indoor Grass Mats and Various Square Foliage Tiles
Indoor Artificial Trees
19 Commercial Quality Varieties
Indoor Artificial Palms
21 Commercial Quality Varieties
Indoor Artificial Bamboo
6 Commercial Quality Varieties
Interior Plantscapes and Floral Arrangements
4 Commercial Quality Varieties
Artificial Plastic River Rocks
Floral Stems and Sprays
Lighted Branches & Garlands
Natural Branches and Branch Displays
Topiary Pillars

The artificial indoor plants of today are made to look anything like artificial plants and flowers. Each of the indoor fake plants found in this collection is constructed with great attention to detail, ensuring that faux plants and flowers mimic their live counterparts flawlessly while providing a no-maintenance alternative to stringent soil, water and sunlight requirements.

Our Indoor Artificial Plants category includes a range of faux plant options starting with artificial plants and flowers of all types. Many make lovely artificial house plants, modeled after live favorites like tulips, orchids, hibiscus and calla lilies. Vines also make stunning artificial house plants and Artificial Plants Unlimited features breeds like bougainvillea, ivy, clematis and morning glory.

On top of faux plants and flowers that we typically think of as house plants, artificial plants and trees are also available for larger scale projects. In this comprehensive Indoor Artificial Plants category choose from a variety of large faux plant options like Ficus, Weeping Willow, Dogwood and Palm trees. Artificial plants and trees also include a range of ferns and indoor topiaries. Green walls and hedges are great privacy options.

Artificial indoor plants open up a world of options for adding a fresh, green touch with your botanical species of choice. While live plants require specific sunlight exposure, soil and watering schedules, indoor fake plants take on the same personality without all the maintenance. Architects and designers will find artificial plants and trees are a welcome ally in making a specific vision come true that might not be possible with living plants.

In addition to their authentic look, Indoor Artificial Plants from Artificial Plants Unlimited are also constructed for lasting quality. For designers or homeowners with fire safety concerns, many of our artificial indoor plants can be created as Inherently Fire Retardant or IFR products. This means that a fire retardant chemical is impregnated into the faux plant resin during construction. This helps to avoid after market sprays that cause faux plant discoloration, attract dust and require reapplication as chemicals in the spray wears off.

Indoor Artificial Plants are an asset whether you're a do-it-yourself home designer, an architect or a commercial office planner. For questions on indoor fake plants seen online or to discuss your project in more detail, please call toll free at 1-888-320-0626, 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.