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Resin Planters, Flower Pots and Urn Planters

Lightweight resin planters come in many varieties designed to look like stone or ceramic planters. Buy resin plastic planters styles from Hooks & Lattice to get the most popular styles, sizes, and colors for exquisite residential gardens. Whether you choose a resin square garden planter, rectangular, round a resin low bowl planter pot, resin tall tree planters, or other styles from our extensive collection, you can be assured of getting authentic-looking plant containers that look like heavier materials but are a fraction of their weight. Plus, they are easy on the budget!

Resin pots for plants have a lightweight, durable construction that makes them a favorite for home and commercial gardens alike. If you are looking for a modern outdoor planter box that mimics clay pottery and is just as beautiful, you can acquire one at a fraction of the price. For garden pots and planters with an impeccable look, feel and resistance to rotting, warping, and cracking, durable resin is the way to go. Our resin outdoor planters come in a variety of colors and finish options including a weathered finish to replicate the look of clay pottery without the hassles.

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Chiyo Planters
Price: $29.99
Margot Planters
Price: $89.99
Mischa Planters
Price: $109.99
Mondrian Tapered Round Planters
Polystone Outdoor Planters
Montrose Low Profile Bowl Planters
6 Options (2 Sizes, 3 Colors)
Belaire Terracotta Style Planter
Fieldfare Planters
Starting at: $31.85
Devondale Round Planters
4 Sizes & 4 Colors
Glendon Tapered Square Planters
10 Options (2 Sizes & 2 Colors)
Crawford Planter
Price: $59.99
Clarice Planters
Price: $69.99
Devondale 16in. Resin Planter
Natoma 14in. Square Tapered Planters
Devondale Oval Planters
2 Sizes & 4 Colors
Glendon Tapered Round Planters
15 Options (3 Sizes & 2 Colors)
Jardin Tapered Square Planters
Jardin Tapered Round Planter
Fieldfare Urn
2 Colors
Linhaven Urn
2 Colors
Orchard Hill 22in. Bowl Planters
Orchard Hill 30in. Bowl Planter
Danbury 24in. Bowl Planter
Danbury 36in. Bowl Planter
Danbury 17in. Round Planter
Danbury 22in. Round Planter
Danbury 29in. Round Planter
Doral 18in. Square Planter
Price: $145.85
4 Colors
Elmhurst 36in. Low Rectangular Planter
Elmhurst 36in. Rectangle Planter
Elmhurst 48in. Rectangle Planter
Estancia Square Planter
2 Size & 3 Colors
Espirit Contemporary Planter
Expressions Contemporary Planter
Forsythia Urn
3 Colors
Niguel Square Planters
Paradiso Square Planters
Danbury 21in. Tall Planter
Brighton Planters
Starting at: $122.85
Eloquence Tall Resin Planters
Eloquence Square Planters
2 Designs and Colors
Eloquence Window Box Planter
8in. Naples Planter
Price: $14.85
16in. Naples Bowl Planter
23.5in. Pacifica Low Profile Patio Planter
Bali Planters
2 Designs
Chalon Tapered Planters
6 Options (3 Sizes & 2 Colors)
16in. Montecito Planter (3 Colors)
20in. Montecito Planter (3 Colors)
13in. Bloomfield Tapered Planter (8 Colors)
15in. Bloomfield Tapered Planter (8 Colors)
17in. Bloomfield Tapered Planter (8 Colors)
22in. Bloomfield Tapered Planter (5 Colors)
Niguel Rectangular Planters
Niguel Raised Planter Boxes
Naples Large Oval Planter - 2 Colors
Eloquence Long Rectangular Planter - 2 Colors
8in. Round Durante Round Flower Pot - 2 Colors
10in. Durante Round Flower Pot - 2 Colors
12in. Durante Round Flower Pot - 2 Colors
14in. Durante Round Flower Pot - Teak
16in. Durante Round Flower Pot - Teak
10in. Naples Planter - 2 Colors
12in. Naples Planter - 4 Colors
14in. Naples Planter - 2 Colors
16in. Naples Planter - 2 Colors
Escher Geometric Planters
Scottsdale Tapered Bowl Planters
4 Sizes & 8 Colors Available
Pinpoint Tapered Planters
Vera Rolled Top Resin Planters - (3 Colors)
Dao Modern Triangle Planters
Lorenzo Tapered Square Planter
Paris Tall Square Planters
Lunar Round Flower Pots
2 Sizes & 3 Colors
Naples Tapered Round Flower Pots
5 Sizes & Many Colors
Naples Tall Tapered Round Flower Pots
Durante Round Flower Pots
5 Sizes & Many Colors
Durante Tall Round Flower Pots

Lightweight Resin Planters That Mimic Stone and Clay Pots

Our lightweight resin planters from Hooks & Lattice have all your bases covered for stylish plastic planters. Choosing resin plant containers that look like stone or clay flower pots, yet stand up to extreme frost as well as the blazing sun, is a smart choice no matter where you live. Plastic planter boxes have become synonymous with convenience and design value in today's commercial and residential gardens as they are designed to look like other hefty materials but without the weight. It's no wonder so many people are choosing resin pots for plants due to their lightweight construction and versatility. The material is resistant to cracking, rotting, or warping and is also easy to move around any landscape, unlike clunky stone or concrete containers that require a moving crew. Whether you select a square garden planter, low bowl planter pot, a rectangular or round tapered modern outdoor planter box, they are easy to maneuver, particularly if adding rolling plant caddies or casters. Some people even select resin tall tree planters for convenience.

Add Self-Watering Features On Your Resin Planters

Some of the most exuberantly colorful flower pots featured in this category are excellent container options. We have many size and color choices from which to select, from terra cotta styles, stone look-alikes, as well as diverse textural additions for an authentic look and feel. Color options include creams to bold greens to black, white, brick, brown, gray and more. And although these stunning resin planters look like the real thing, they won't crack, fade, rot, warp or split like clay or other heavier materials. They are highly weather resistant, UV-protected, and anti-shock, making them one tough planter series perfect for patio, landscaping, and balcony gardening. What's more, if you're away from home and unable to attend to your plants, add a self-watering reservoir to keep your flowers and foliage hydrated up to two weeks. Whether your project is large or small, whether you need a group of colorful flower pots to add to your decor, or even if you need just one distinctive planter, check out our resin planter collection. It is designed in handsome colors, sizes, and shapes to match classic and contemporary decor alike, adding curb appeal in the process without breaking the budget.

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