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Flowering Plants in Hanging Baskets

Artificial flowers might conjure up memories of grandma's dusty, faded old plants, but today's artificial plants are lifelike and gorgeous and nothing like what you're used to. Made of the highest quality commercial materials, our artificial flowering plants look fabulous in hanging baskets and are the perfect way to add color, life, and personality to new dimensions in any space.

Our selection of artificial plants for sale can't be beat. Browse through our products and inspiration galleries, and then give us a call to see what we can do for you. In no time you'll have the hanging baskets of your dreams without the fuss of watering and maintaining the plants.

Questions about Custom Artificial Hanging Baskets? Call:
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Beautify with Hanging Baskets

22" Hanging Basket with 5 Artificial Azalea Plants - 3 Colors
22" Hanging Basket with 7 Artificial Azalea Plants -3 Colors
22" Hanging Basket with 9 Artificial Azalea Plants -3 Colors
Bougainvillea in 22in Hanging Basket, Outdoor Rated
Impatiens in 22in Hanging Basket, Outdoor Rated
18" Buckler Fern Hanging Basket
Gardenia/Buckler Fern in 22in Hanging Basket, Outdoor Rated
18" Buckler Bromeliad Hanging Basket
21" Fiberglass Hanging Basket with Artificial Tropical Plants
22" Hanging Basket with Artificial Bougainvillea Arrangement with 8 Plants - Lavender/Fuschia
22" Hanging Basket with Artificial Bougainvillea Arrangement with 8 Plants - Peach/Pink/Cream
22" Hanging Basket with Artificial Bougainvillea Arrangement with 8 Plants - Purple

High Quality Fake Flowers

The artificial flowers at Artificial Plants Unlimited are the same caliber of fake hanging baskets you see at fine hotels and shopping centers, making them perfect for any indoor and outdoor commercial installation. Certified to withstand the outdoor elements, our flowers and plants are made with UV protecting materials to maintain their shape and color year round. In fact, our plants are warranted for a year of fade resistance. We've expertly combined our Black Wrought Iron Hanging Baskets with our Coconut Coir liner and a spray-foam mounting base to anchor the Azaleas in place so they're ready to go right out of the box. Your neighbors just might get a little jealous of your ability to have lush plants no matter the conditions.

Stylish Artificial Hanging Baskets

No matter your style, we have a hanging basket for you. From the luscious and colorful azaleas to classic impatiens, our artificial flowers look good in any situation and bring in the perfect pop of color. It's all of the style without sacrificing any of the quality. The composite PVC baskets with a sturdy coco liner and rust-resistant black iron hooks and chain allow the flowers to really be the stars of the show. And we don't skimp on flowers-each basket is brimming with well-manicured blooms to create a healthy, overflowing appearance. If you don't see exactly what you want, give us a call to customize the perfect basket for your commercial space.

Convenient and Easy to Maintain

Anyone can take care of an artificial hanging basket, no matter his or her gardening ability. Forget the worry of putting together the perfect plant combination-our hanging baskets are curated with a unique mix of plants that always look great. Unlike other plants, you don't have to take location into account when placing your hanging baskets. Artificial plants look great in any location, regardless of direct sun or access to water. In fact, you can put large hanging baskets with in hard-to-reach locations because they require so little access for care and maintenance. While real hanging baskets require constant watering and fertilization and can get heavy and wilted, our artificial flowers look good year round saving you tons of time and money in plant maintenance.