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Indoor Plants, Trees, Topiaries & Hedges

Artificial Plants, Trees, Topiary Trees & Hedges all look fantastic and inviting without the worry, care or maintenance involved with live plants. Over-watering, under-watering and access to the right amount of light is never an issue with our incredibly realistic looking artificial trees and plants. Even the tree trunks are incredibly authentic looking.

Fitting for architects and specifiers; reference code 12 92 13 (& 12 92 00) when specifying projects.

Plants and trees always look perfectly manicured and cared for and never a dead leaf to worry about. For commercial establishments, the labor savings is significant and the ambience of the gathering space always looks fresh and cared for. While there is no arguing the authenticity and life of real indoor plants and trees - faux plants, trees, topiariesť and hedges all make life's chores, tasks and maintenance way more simple.

Artificial Plants Unlimited also offers plants, trees and bamboo pre-populated in custom planters. Complement your home, office or commercial locations decor with no maintenance faux plants.

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