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Mainstay Model Monument Sign - Brick

Brick monument signs have long been a respected form of business signage for combined professionalism, function and style. The Mainstay Model Monument Sign with faux brick sign columns is no exception. This design features quality faux concrete sign blanks displayed with a straightforward rectangular silhouette and the strong look of brick sign columns made from heavy duty artificial materials.

With two column heights and three sign blank size sizes to choose from, choose business signage online that fits your project scale. At Sign Bracket Store, our collection of faux concrete and brick monument signs also includes designs with different sign blank silhouettes, like the rounded middle of the Olympian, or the elegantly elongated oval running lengthwise on the Vineyard style.

Each Mainstay Sign Blank measures 3" thick, with accompanying height and width measurements available in various options. Each of our faux brick monument signs is an outdoor commercial grade product.

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Mainstay Model Monument Sign - Faux Brick - 9ft.L x 5ft.H
Mainstay Model Monument Sign - Faux Brick -  9ft.L x 4ft.H
Mainstay Model Monument Sign - Faux Brick & Faux Concrete - 9ft.L x 5ft.H
Mainstay Model Monument Sign - Faux Brick & Faux Concrete - 9ft.L x 4ft.H
Business signage should be professional, attractive and durable, and the Mainstay Model Brick Monument Signs bring all three of these qualities to your commercial applications in one quality piece. Featuring a combination of faux brick sign columns and concrete sign blanks in a clean, rectangular shape, each monument sign in the Mainstay design provides desirable exterior visibility for a variety of commercial spaces.

At Sign Bracket Store, we know that business signage is essential to retail, residential development, and corporate properties wanting to make their professional mark. Although completely functional signage, our brick monument signs also possess an extra level of sophistication. For a better street view of retail stores, corporate office buildings, private condominium communities, city parks, and more, project planners turn to options like the Mainstay Model Monument Sign with attractive faux brick sign columns and caps. Adding to the classic feeling of brickwork, sign blanks in a straightforward rectangular shape make for an overall clean finish.

The Mainstay Model Brick Sign Posts come in a choice of two heights, and faux concrete sign blanks are available in three different sizes. Depending on project specs, choose business signage that is suited to scale and sign blanks that will give your messaging, logos or business name enough room to work with. Sign blanks vary in height and width measurements, but all have a 3" thickness for durable outdoor use.

For detailed product specs, click on faux concrete and brick monument signs below to view individual measurements. Although available for secure purchase online, Sign Bracket Store also offers one-on-one phone consultation for customers with more questions or highly specific requirements. For bulk orders of business signage, working with one of our project managers over the phone is also advisable.

Regardless of project scale or requirements, a concrete and brick sign in the Mainstay Model Monument style is a good place to begin for large, durable and attractive business signage. For other styles with faux brick columns, check out our Crown, Vineyard and Olympian Monument Signs that feature sign blank shapes in other alluring silhouettes.

To discuss your custom project or seek assistance with product selection, please call Sign Bracket Store toll free at 1-888-919-7446 (M-F, 7am-5pm PST).