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Olympian Model Monument Sign - Brick

For memorable architectural signs to mark commercial properties and businesses, faux brick monument signs from Sign Bracket Store make superb displays. The Olympian Model Monument Sign combines quality materials with stellar design, for a combination faux concrete and brick sign with a professional look. Choose from two column heights and three sign blank sizes.

Brick monument signs are found gracing a range of commercial properties, from corporate office park driveways, to retail fast food chain stores. Where visually appealing and just plain visible signage is a must, these architectural signs have the appropriate impact in both appearance and size. Choose from a range of different brick sign configurations available online, with each purchase including faux brick columns and caps, and a sophisticated Olympian style sign blank in various height and width measurements, with each measuring 3" thick. For specific product dimensions, click on brick monument signs pictured below.

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Olympian Model Monument Sign - Faux Brick - 9ft.L x 5ft.H
Olympian Model Monument Sign - Faux Brick -  9ft.L x 4ft.H
Olympian Model Monument Sign - Faux Brick & Faux Concrete - 9ft.L x 5ft.H
Olympian Model Monument Sign - Faux Brick & Faux Concrete - 9ft.L x 4ft.H
Brick monument signs make a powerful statement and increase visibility for retail spaces that depend on a clear view for passing traffic. In addition to marking an office, retail or agency space, attractive architectural signs also add a distinguished air to let visitors know your destination values a professional image.

The Olympian Model Monument Sign features faux brick columns and an attractive faux concrete sign blank. In line with a real concrete and brick sign, each of these designs is made from heavy-duty materials that are suited to tough exterior applications. With their sophisticated faux brick column and accompanying cap, it's easy to see why many are choosing architectural signs made from high-quality artificial materials. With the real look of brick sign posts and a concrete display face, the Olympian embodies nothing but strong signage.

With faux concrete and brick sign materials, there is no need to worry about cracking, splitting or peeling of any kind. Each of the architectural signs featured in the above category is a commercial-grade product rated for outdoor use, and sign blanks come ready for customized names, logos and other printed messages. Housing developments, corporate buildings, retail chains, neighborhood restaurants, resorts and more all utilize architectural signs to make their properties first visible, and then alluring.

Our faux brick sign columns come with Olympian style sign blanks that measure 3" thick, in a variety of accompanying height and width measurements. Depending on how large you want logos and names to be, choose a sign blank that can accommodate your project. If brick monument signs suit your project, but the Olympian sign blank is not your desired silhouette, check out the Mainstay, Vineyard and Crown Model Monument Sign styles, also available online at Sign Bracket Store.

Whether your project is for a large-scale commercial development or a Main Street small business, architectural signs are an important tool for putting your name and your brand out there for the world, or just the neighborhood, to see. For custom projects or one-on-one consultation, a knowledgeable Sign Bracket Store project manager will be happy to assist you via phone. Please call toll free: 1-888-919-7446 (M-F, 7am-5pm PST).