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Vineyard Model Monument Sign - Brick

For monument signage with classic appeal, the Vineyard Model Brick Monument Signs give businesses a timeless autograph. Made from faux brick columns and a faux concrete placard for display information, names and logo designs, these commercial monument signs are a fitting marker for properties that aim to exude elegant charm.

The Vineyard Model Faux Brick Monument Signs come in two different column heights accompanied by a choice of three sign blank sizes. Each placard for monument signage measures 3"" thick and faux brick columns measure 20"" wide for durable commercial exterior use. Low maintenance and weather resilient faux materials increase product longevity and ensure monument signage maintains its pleasing look. This style works well for as the name states Vineyards, in addition to a range of other commercial and retail exteriors.

In addition to monument signage in the Vineyard Model, Sign Bracket Store also features three other distinct styles. Browse online at your convenience, and for one-on-one assistance your toll free call is welcome.

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Vineyard Model Monument Sign - Faux Brick - 9ft.L x 5ft.H
Vineyard Model Monument Sign - Faux Brick -  9ft.L x 4ft.H
Vineyard Model Monument Sign - Faux Brick & Faux Concrete - 9ft.L x 5ft.H
Vineyard Model Monument Sign - Faux Brick & Faux Concrete - 9ft.L x 4ft.H
Our Vineyard Model Monument Signage is one of four faux brick monument signs available online, via Sign Bracket Store. This classically pleasing design combines two faux brick columns with caps and a blank faux concrete placard for display of commercial logos, business names, property directions and other messaging. Attractive, functional and resilient, brick monument signs made from faux materials make for a visible, professional display of signage.

As a classically loved way to display business locations and increase visibility from the street, brick monument signs are by no means new to the commercial sign scene. However, monument sign styles that incorporate durable and authentic-looking faux brick and concrete materials put a new spin on an old favorite. As the name suggests, monument signage pictured here in the Vineyard Model is an ideal design for wineries with a rustic, sophisticated appeal. Large placards that feature a horizontally stretched oval coalesced over a wide rectangular base give your signage a clear palette for display and timeless appeal. Lovely in most any setting.

Our Vineyard Model Monument Sign comes with a choice of two faux brick column heights and three sign blank sizes. Choose the configuration suited to your project scale. As a general rule when choosing monument signage, a good first step is to determine the amount of square footage needed and, where in a municipality, verify any restrictions on space allowance. Also, consider the style of building or space to be marked and then choose brick monument signs based on establishing a complementary aesthetic. Choosing an appropriate size and design will ensure brick monument signs stand out, but also fit in with project goals.

At Sign Bracket Store, our website is organized for convenient online browsing of monument signage and various other commercial sign products. Whether your tasked with marking a private residential subdivision, increasing the visibility of a roadside eatery, or displaying multiple logos for a shared office park, faux brick monument signs are an attractive and practical way to get the job done.

For more information on specific faux brick and concrete monument signs, please click on individual products above. To ask detailed questions or seek one-on-one consultation from one of our project managers, we welcome your toll free call: 1-888-919-7446 (M-F, 7am-5pm PST)