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Outdoor Artificial Horsetail Reeds - By The Square Foot

Seeing an artificial horsetail reed from Artificial Plants Unlimited is like looking at live horsetail plants plucked fresh from the pond. In other words, our Outdoor Artificial Horsetail Reeds capture a horsetail plants' native beauty and translate it into a durable, maintenance-free artificial horsetail reed.

Like live horsetail plants, an artificial horsetail reed has a tall, dark green stem with horizontally wrapped joints. Height makes these artificial reeds an easy solution for creating functional barriers to hide gutters and structural flaws, and beauty makes them a valuable design ally. Also, an ability to purchase Outdoor Artificial Horsetail Reeds by the square foot makes for easy incorporation of artificial reeds into commercial or residential design plans.

Outdoor Artificial Horsetail Reeds by the square foot come in various heights and are sold in clusters of standard, medium or high density. Click on individual products below for more information.

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From the genus Equisetum, Horsetail Reeds are a vibrant water plant in nature and become equally lively artificial reeds here, in this selection of Outdoor Artificial Horsetail Reeds from Artificial Plants Unlimited. Each tall artificial horsetail reed shoot is flawlessly modeled after horsetail plants found in the wild for a fresh, no-maintenance faux planting solution.

Here, online customers can purchase Outdoor Artificial Horsetail Reeds by the square foot to fit any specific project scale. Our outdoor artificial reeds are designed for hard-wearing exterior use making them akin to live horsetail plants in resilience as well as appearance. On top of general durability, each artificial horsetail reed is impregnated with a UV protection agent to minimize color fading over time.

In commercial settings, Outdoor Artificial Horsetail Reeds are a welcome addition to landscape design, or a crafty way to create barriers and mask exterior blemishes. In nature, Equisetum horsetail species spend their time in watery oases. This habitat is easily replicated by placing artificial reeds in fountains or man-made ponds. Buying Outdoor Artificial Horsetail Reeds by the square foot also allows designers to coordinate sizing with pots or other planting containers. Same goes for creating screens or barriers: buy Outdoor Artificial Horsetail Reeds by the square foot to conceal gutters, run-off ditches, trash receptacles, vents or even separate a lounge or restaurant from surrounding high-traffic retail areas.

Artificial horsetail plants by Artificial Plants Unlimited come in a range of heights including 18, 32, 42 and 60 inches tall. Depending on project goals, artificial horsetail reed thickness is also offered in three density levels: standard, medium or high. By choosing Outdoor Artificial Horsetail Reeds with an appropriate density, you control how full or sparse the coverage. Residential and commercial customers alike are finding horsetail plants to be an interesting alternative to traditional shrubbery, small trees and other common outdoor artificial plants.

To ask questions or receive assistance with ordering Outdoor Artificial Horsetail Reeds by the square foot, one of our project managers is available to help toll free at 1-888-320-0626, 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.