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Outdoor Artificial Reed - Individual

Individual artificial reeds in this online category include lifelike and convenient fake horsetail stems available for singular purchase. Each Outdoor Artificial Reed individual stem from Artificial Plants Unlimited is an impeccable replica of live horsetail plants. Fake horsetail stems have a dark green, tall shoot with joints that band horizontally - just like in nature.

Our Outdoor Artificial Reed individual stems are each outdoor-rated, UV protected tall artificial plants. Fake horsetail stems make easy inserts for added height in existing planter arrangements, or individual artificial reeds can be placed in groups for clusters of tall artificial plants with an exotic appeal. Choose outdoor applications in the ground, in a planter, in and among other live or contemporary artificial plants for a fresh, chic look.

For projects requiring clusters of individual artificial reeds, fake horsetail stems can also be purchased by the square foot or custom cluster. For questions, please call us toll free at 1-888-320-0626, 7am-5pm PST, Mon-Fri.

24in.H Outdoor Artificial Horsetail - Single Reed
36in.H Outdoor Artificial Horsetail - Single Reed
48"H Outdoor Artificial Horsetail - Single Reed
60"H Outdoor Artificial Horsetail - Single Reed
72in. H Outdoor Artificial Horsetail - Single Reed
Outdoor Artificial Reed Clusters
For fake horsetail stems that look anything like artificial Equisetum plants, individual artificial reeds from Artificial Plants Unlimited are like horsetail plucked straight from nature. Each of these tall artificial plants is impeccably modeled after their live muse to create contemporary artificial plants with a fresh, clean effect.

Outdoor Artificial Reed individual shoots are a convenient way to purchase fake horsetail stems for incorporation into existing plant arrangements or for sporadic layering of tall artificial plants throughout landscapes. Reeds and other shoot-like greenery have become favorite contemporary artificial plants for their combined exoticness and sophistication. In residential and commercial exterior applications, fake horsetail stems make for alluring garden variety.

Individual artificial reeds can be purchased in various heights including fake horsetail stems measuring 18, 32, 42 or 60 inches high. These artificial Equisetum plants take on the same qualities as live reeds from this brilliant genus. In color, fake horsetail stems are given a deep green hue. In stature, individual artificial reeds are given realistic heights comparable to their natural counterparts. And in texture, each of these tall artificial plants has a refined coarseness akin to living reeds found in their native habitat - right down to the banded joints in each stem.

When it comes to Artificial Equisetum species, fake horsetail stems are well sought after. Similar in build to a bamboo shoot, individual artificial reeds purchased here can be applied in the ground or in planters. Layered behind or in amongst other live and faux outdoor plants, fake horsetail stems are indistinguishable as an artificial product. Their lifelike nature makes a vibrant addition to your container arrangements and landscape design, whether at home or in commercial spaces.

Our faux reeds are not only contemporary artificial plants in terms of aesthetic, but in terms of performance. Each Outdoor Artificial Reed individual stem is an exceptionally constructed outdoor-rated product. In exterior applications, fake horsetail stems from Artificial Plants Unlimited are designed to hold up in all climates and endure a combination of weather elements. For particular protection from solar rays, each reed is given a UV protection agent incorporated into the faux plant resin. This makes for faux outdoor reeds that hold their color better and longer, even in direct sunlight.

For inquiries or to learn more about custom horsetail reed clusters, please call toll free at 1-888-320-0626, 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.