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Outdoor Artificial Reeds

Artificial reeds make for low maintenance, faux plant coverage. Strikingly realistic, the artificial outdoor reeds from Planters Unlimited are also durable, inherently UV-protected and rated for exterior commercial applications. Utilize artificial horsetail reeds to conceal retaining walls or visibly enhance commercial walkways.

Our artificial outdoor reeds are sold in three convenient methods: artificial horsetail reeds by the square foot, artificial reeds in clusters or individual artificial reeds. For purchases of artificial horsetail reeds by the square foot, density options are offered at standard, medium or high density depending on the coverage needed. Standard height measurements include 18'', 32'', 42'' or 60'' tall.

On top of options for artificial outdoor reeds seen online, Planters Unlimited can also accommodate most custom orders. Get the stunning look and feel of life-like artificial reeds in any climate, free from the rigors of live planting.

To discuss custom projects or detailed questions please contact us: 1-888-320-0626, 7am-5pm PST, Mon-Fri.

Outdoor Artificial Horsetail Reeds - By The Square Foot
Outdoor Artificial Reed Clusters
Outdoor Artificial Reed - Individual
Horsetail Reed & Sago Palms in Faux Wood Planter

Pique interest with artificial outdoor reeds, an exotically charming form of plant coverage for any climate. Artificial reeds are spot-on replicas of their live counterparts, like the artificial horsetail reeds which conjure up images of exotic locales where bamboo and reeds grow wild.

Artificial outdoor reeds with their tall shoots and life-like dark green coloration are striking in commercial spaces of all types. Since all of our artificial reeds are outdoor rated for exterior applications, they are also a durable and low maintenance alternative to live planting. Each or our artificial horsetail reeds is inspired by nature but designed to defy it. With UV protection impregnated into the material, the artificial reeds are inherently UV protected - no sprays or chemical add-ons necessary to repel the sun's harsh rays.

Unlike their live muses, our artificial outdoor reeds can survive in any climate. Designers no longer have to limit a tropical or Eastern-inspired landscape or commercial-scape vision based on weather restrictions. Use artificial horsetail reeds to enhance any exterior regardless of your latitude and longitude. Artificial reeds work well for interiors as well.

Artificial horsetail reeds are sold by the square foot in four standard heights including 18'', 32'', 42'' and 60'' tall. In addition, standard, medium and high density options allow for different levels of plant coverage. For projects where artificial reeds are intended to block an undesirable area, higher densities and taller measurements may be appropriate.

In addition to artificial outdoor reeds sold by the square foot, Planters Unlimited also offers options to purchase artificial reeds in clusters or as individual stalks. Regardless of the project requirements, artificial reeds can be ordered to accommodate most specific needs.

All artificial outdoor reeds are sold and shipped un-potted. Various commercial planters are sold separately via our website with convenient options to shop planters by material or planters by shape. For a professional recommendation on planters to go with artificial reeds, our knowledgeable project managers can offer guidance.

Call us to discuss artificial outdoor reeds seen online, custom projects or ordering the full package of artificial reeds and planters. We're available at 1-888-320-0626, 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.