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Dress up your commercial-scape with outdoor artificial topiaries, brought to you by Planters Unlimited. Our artificial topiary plants come in a range of styles and sizes including fake topiaries in authentic looking spheres, spirals and obelisks. We also offer quotes for custom outdoor artificial topiaries to mirror the unique style of your project, including shapes modeled after branding and logos. The artificial topiary plants found in this collection are outdoor rated products made with built-in UV protection. Each of our fake topiaries is a fade and rot resistant faux plant with a life-like look.

Picture artificial topiary plants in a classic spiral shape lining the edges of a pool deck at an upscale resort. Or, envision our funky spherical fake topiaries flanking outdoor seating at an urban cafe. For questions on stock styles and sizes of artificial topiary plants, or to get a quote for custom fake topiaries, please contact a knowledgeable member of our team at 1-888-320-0626, 7am-5pm PST, M-F.

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Outdoor Artificial Topiaries

Brought to you by Planters Unlimited, this collection of artificial topiary plants mimics the sophistication of an ancient horticultural art form. Our outdoor artificial topiaries draw design inspiration from living examples to achieve elegantly formed fake topiaries. While their living counterparts can require years of focused shape training, artificial topiary plants capture the discipline of topiary art in a convenient, faux package.

Artificial topiaries are available in classic, contemporary or custom shapes. For a terrace or sundeck at an upscale resort, spiral artificial topiary plants look regal in traditional row applications or scattered strategically for privacy. For outdoor artificial topiaries with a versatile aesthetic, complementary to either classic or contemporary design, ball topiaries or spear obelisk fake topiaries bring flexible silhouettes that can evoke the feeling of old or new depending on the application.

In addition to stock shapes and sizes, Planters Unlimited is proud to offer custom outdoor artificial topiaries. If you have a logo shape you would like to capture creatively in the form of fake topiaries, we can work with you to formulate custom shaped and sized plants. If your commercial-scape requires a personality specific to strategic branding, we'll work with you to create artificial topiary plants that speak to your trademark style.

Faux topiaries in this collection are outdoor rated products with UV protection built into the structure of each plant and leaf, unlike other fake topiaries that require spray-on substances. It's this built-in protection that gives our artificial topiary plants superior, fade-resistant performance.
Fake topiaries are sold and ship with the plant only. For recommendations on pots to accommodate your artificial topiary plants, one of our knowledgeable project planners can offer suggestions from our extensive selection of large commercial planters. From ornate and traditional, to sleek and modern, Planters Unlimited has something for each application of outdoor artificial topiaries.

For an individual consultation on custom artificial topiary plants, or to ask detailed questions about the sizes and styles you see on our website, please contact us directly by calling 1-888-320-0626, 7am-5pm PST, M-F.