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Artificial Trees, Fake Trees, Outdoor Artificial Trees

Urban and low-rainfall areas are tough on trees, and many trees are too large for urban sites. But voila! Outdoor artificial trees solve those problems. And more - with exterior silk trees you can tastefully tuck a tree into a corner or any other spot where it will look great, maximizing its aesthetic value. Top quality "look real" outdoor fake trees in 4- to 8-foot heights provide the human scale you need for many outdoor settings, whether a welcoming doorway, seating accent, or natural element to blend with any property features.

We offer exterior silk trees including red and green Japanese and other maples, oaks and ficus. Happily, our outdoor artificial trees meet the highest UV standards. UV resistant chemicals are impregnated into the fabric, plastic and PVC materials used for our exterior silk trees, utilizing ASTM G-1550-5 tests to see how well they stand up to sunlight, moisture and heat. Our outdoor artificial tree showed NO visible color loss in a full year of rigorous tests. See our planters by shape pages to find the ideal standard or custom planter box for our "look like the real thing" outdoor fake trees.

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5' Artificial Ficus Tree, Outdoor Rated
6' Japanese Maple Tree, Outdoor Rated
10' Artificial Japanese Maple Tree in Modern Fiberglass Planter, Outdoor Rated
Inherently Fire Retardant Pin Oak Tree
Custom Outdoor Artificial Oak Tree
Outdoor Rated 8' Artificial Maple Tree
5' Outdoor Artificial Olive Tree with Natural Trunk
5' Artificial Outdoor Japanese Maple, Burgundy
4', 6', 8', 10' or 12' Duraleaf Cypress | Arborvitae, Outdoor
5', 6' or 8' Duraleaf Cypress Topiary Tree, Outdoor
5.5', 6.5' or 7.5' Duraleaf Needle Pine Topiary Tree, Outdoor
7' Mango Topiary Tree, Outdoor Rated
6.5' Mini Ficus Tree, Outdoor Rated
6.5' Areca Palm Tree, Outdoor Rated
38in. Juvenile Maple Tree Bush - Outdoor
4' Adolescent Maple Tree Bush - Outdoor
5' Outdoor Artificial Azalea Double Ball Topiary - Pink Beauty
3.5' Outdoor Artificial Hibiscus Ball Topiary
4.5' Outdoor Artificial Gardenia Topiary
3.5' Outdoor Artificial Azalea Ball Topiary - Pink Beauty

Trees are relaxing, eye-catching and add drama you can't get with smaller plantings. Green outdoor artificial trees blend with any building and virtually every color scheme and combine easily to dramatize flowers, plants or other "statement" element you select. We also offer red choices in our selection of exterior silk trees. And with the quality of our trees, the phrase "outdoor fake trees," will be said in surprise rather than with a critical or amused tone. Both the leaves and bark look amazingly authentic.

A lively, natural environment encourages relaxation and creativity, making outdoor artificial trees a top choice for any location where live trees may not flourish or you don't want to spend time caring for and trimming them. A faux choice also ensures that the outdoor artificial tree that's supposed to be 6 feet tall will be just that, avoiding the unpredictable growth of trees that might mean you get 4 feet or 10 feet.

Last, choose the perfect planter for your outdoor artificial trees. See our shapes gallery for great ideas. It can be difficult to match artificial trees to planters from different companies. Our weighted tree bases work perfectly with our planters to keep exterior fake trees in place. To know your artificial outdoor trees and planters will meet your standards, choose Planters Unlimited with confidence. We are happy to help you choose the best outdoor artificial trees for your environment and the planter that adds the perfect finished look.

Tired of Replacing Expensive Trees? Go Faux!

There's nothing quite like the look and feel of a tree in the yard, but the upkeep of trees can be difficult and expensive. Trees are also susceptible to disease, rotting, and natural elements, making their maintenance irregular. Take away the guesswork and unpredictability without losing the style or natural elements. All it takes are outdoor artificial trees.

Fake trees might go against everything you believe in as a gardener, but today's artificial trees have all the details and look of a real tree without the fuss. Faux trees are perfect for areas where live trees aren't practical and can make a big statement without a big effort. Outdoor artificial plants and trees come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, but here are some of the more popular options:

  • Maple

    Maple trees are a classic variety and make excellent faux trees. The variety of textures and shades of green in the leaves make the trees look as lifelike as possible. Maples thrive in a variety of climates, so a fake version will most likely blend in with the surroundings and look good year round, no pruning required. This 6' Japanese Maple can be placed in any style of planter for a look that is polished and lush no matter the conditions.

  • Palm

    Many people love the look of palm trees but live in areas where growing a palm just isn't practical or realistic. Silk palms are made of polyblend material that holds color and withstands UV rays to keep the tree in top condition for years. This 6' Sago palm tree features 18 life-like fronds for a full and rich look. Outdoor artificial palms can create a tropical oasis no matter where you live.

  • Olive

    Olive trees are a classic option that can give any yard a taste of Mediterranean flare. Olive trees don't grow as wide, so they are a great option for smaller spaces. This 60" artificial olive tree has a natural trunk to give it a realistic appearance. The leaves are made of a material that fortifies the tree against the elements and helps maintain its color and shape year round. The base of the tree is weighted to keep it upright at all times. Olive trees work well in decorative containers—pick one that matches your style to create a unique and customized look!

  • Custom

    If you can't find a premade faux tree to meet your needs, try going custom. Outdoor artificial trees can be custom made to whatever your imagination desires. Creators can replicate an existing tree or create something entirely new. The beauty of a custom fake tree is that you aren'dt constrained by nature - go ahead and create a tree with a whimsical tree that could never happen in the real world. The possibilities of custom trees are truly endless, but each one will be high quality and create a garden oasis anywhere.