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Outdoor Fire Pits, Fire Bowls & Fire Tables

Improve your design scheme with beautiful modern outdoor fire pits. Adding one of these handsome gas fire pits to your patio or deck will quickly transform it into your favorite "room" in the house. Propane and natural gas fire pits add an element of functional value to your outdoor space, while making an eye-catching focal point. We offer four stunning designs to match any outdoor décor, complete with optional matching covers. Some models also come with a stunning water feature option.

Propane or natural gas fire pits in stunning copper feature top-of-the-line penta burners, a step above the rest. Made from high-quality copper material, our distinctive fire pits are ready for life outdoors. They resist rust, corrosion, and cracking for year-round enjoyment. This lustrous copper also gives our fire pits a definite upscale decorative appeal. Whether you choose the ultra-modern tapered square Sorrento or the round Tesoro with its rustic hammered finish, you can be guaranteed to wow guests. Outdoor fire pits are ideal not only for home use, but also for restaurant, lounge, hotel, or for dining and entertaining patios.

The Penta burner is designed in an innovative star shape that produces a more full, natural "campfire" effect than round burners while conserving fuel.

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Resilient Fireproof Copper Gas Fire Pits

Early man harnessed the power of fire hundreds of years ago. Today we still enjoy the comforting glow of a crackling fire, though now we can enjoy it in a much more attractive display. These modern fire tables are made from gorgeous copper, a favorite material for outdoor applications because of its superb weather resistance and attractive natural look. If left unpolished, copper will patina over time to a breathtaking greenish-blue color, however, it will never rust, corrode, or crack. And copper is fire resistant, making it the perfect material for fire pits. All of our fire tables have easy-to-access controls built into the side or bottom and a convenient access door, making it easy to get the fire started.

Roaring Flames at the Flip of a Switch

Say goodbye to old-fashioned fire-starting methods with these innovative outdoor fire pits. No more collecting splintery fire wood, no more cleaning up messy ash, and no more smoky odors on your clothes. Our gas fire pits are fueled by your choice of liquid propane or natural gas for a clean-burning, wood-free fire. With these fire tables we also offer the upgraded option of electronic ignition. Never light another match! The electronic starting- available in 120V or 24V- allows you to create fire by simply flipping a switch or pushing a remote control button. This method goes through a series of safety checks before igniting the pilot light, allowing for a safer, more efficient fire. And with the high-quality stainless steel 12" Penta burner you get a full fire effect that is truly beautiful to behold.

Warming Fire and Cascading Water

While our copper gas fire pits make a cozy place to gather friends on your home patio, they also add a lovely functional accent piece to commercial and hospitality locations. Entice guest to indulge in another cocktail out on your restaurant or lounge dining patio by offering ambient, flickering flames. Warming fire tables make it much more comfortable for guests to linger on smoking patios, too. We also offer these fire bowls with a water feature option that combines the elements of fire and water for a truly spectacular display. Using a 1" FIP fitting for a pool pump, this fire table sends a cascade of sparkling water into a pool or pond below. What a striking focal point for a resort or hotel pool patio!

Don't Forget the Fire Glass and Matching Cover!

All four styles of our outdoor fire tables have a matching cover option. Made in the same copper material with a decidedly modern design, these covers add a refined, "finished" look as they protect your fire pit when it's not in use. Add longevity to your investment by protecting it from the elements and outdoor debris. Our fire pits are also designed to work beautifully with decorative fire glass or lava rocks, available here on our site. The mesmerizing look of sparkling fire glass truly completes the elegant picture!