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Reclaimed Wood Shutters

Reclaimed shutters take seasoned materials and make them fresh again, while maintaining the appeal of barn wood shutters in rustic fashion. The opportunity to forge antique wood shutters out of materials recovered from abandoned structures and other usages is a unique one. These pieces make for an interesting accent that not only livens up your home exterior, but also tells a sustainable story. On a lake cottage, an urban bungalow or a coastal Cape Cod residence, these shutters add an alluring distressed look.

Not only are recycled and antique wood shutters an appealing addition to homes, but they also embody a design aesthetic that is environmentally conscious. Reclaimed wood shutters are just what their name implies pieces made from a retrieved and cultivated resource that may have been forgotten or left behind. Choosing barn wood shutters is an election to give discarded materials another life cycle on the face of your home. And we promise, the rustic and weathered charm of these shutters will not disappoint.

All shutters are made to order, and are not returnable.

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For sustainable style, barn wood and antique wood shutters make a statement that is both smart and charming. Reclaimed wood shutters can be made from a variety of wood types sourced from various origins. At Hooks & Lattice, we work with customers one-on-one to build antique wood shutters that suit a particular preference and personality. Each shutter pair made from reclaimed materials is a truly one-of-a-kind accent for your home exterior.

The look of antique wood shutters embodies the spirit of turning what is old into something new again. Innovative and fresh in a rustic sort of way reclaimed wood shutters are a versatile piece that is complementary to a range of homes. In coastal or lakefront homes with a cottagey appeal, barn wood shutters add a kind of tranquility that only mature materials can bring. And in modern or contemporary homes, the simultaneous practicality and enchantment of recovered materials is an irresistible marriage of form and function.

Creating reclaimed wood shutters with Hooks & Lattice can be a fully custom process, from the choice of materials down to the size and design. Different types of cedar and pine are available for sourcing, and even redwood subject to availability. In addition to these weathered and reused styles, we can also create shutters out of new wooden materials including our line of cedar shutters in louvered, raised panel and board and batten designs.

In addition to authentic antique and barn wood shutters, the option to imitate the weathered look of recycled materials exists. Douglas fir can be sandblasted to appear distressed and shutters made to look like antique pieces carry a lower price tag for cost conscious projects.

Like any wooden product to be utilized outdoors, reclaimed wood shutters should be given appropriate treatments to increase longevity and maintain a charming appearance. Our knowledgeable team of representatives can assist with custom requests and recommendations for keeping antique wood shutters looking their best for the long-term.

In addition to wooden shutters in recycled and reclaimed styles, Hooks & Lattice also offers new cedar shutters. For customers who want a wood-alternative material check out our sections of fiberglass and composite shutters.