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Fresh and modern, these terrarium glass containers - both filled and DIY versions - are made from hand blown glass. Each large glass terrarium is a functional planter for small succulents, cacti or even flowers that can grow contained. Glass terrarium kits and jars are also an innovative way to display keepsakes, cut flowers or thematic and regional accents like seashells and coral.

A large glass terrarium kit is the primarily a way to bring the outside in, by allowing a small growth space for plants inside. The generous openings atop these terrarium glass containers will ensure that air can enter and circulate throughout the container for healthy growing of small plants. Many of our customers prefer to fill glass terrarium jars with combinations of rocks and small succulents that require only a small amount of water to thrive.

Our glass terrarium kits featured below are sold with a handblown glass terrarium container and assorted decorative accents. All orders ship with care.

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4.5 in. Terrarium Globe Kit with Moss
Tear Drop Terrarium Kit with Moss
Pendant Hanging Terrariums, Set of 3
7" Slanted Bias Terrarium Bowl with Moss
7.5" Medium Terrarium Bubble Bowl with Moss
7" Wall Bubble Terrarium with Moss
Moss Terrarium Bottle Kit
Sedum Terrarium Bottle Kit
Moss & Sedum Terrarium Bottle Kit
Vertical Sedum Terrarium Bottle Kit
Square Terrarium - Rainbow Flowers w/ Keychain
Medium Smushed Terrarium - Red, Pink, & White Flowers
Scoop Terrarium - Rainbow Flowers
Heart Terrarium with Terrarium Stand - Red Flowers
Dino Foot Terrarium - Rainbow Flowers
Large Bowl Terrarium - Rainbow Flowers
Large Vase - Red, Pink, Purple, and White Flowers

Glass terrarium kits and bubbles combine two distinct materials for a truly cohesive beauty. Each large glass terrarium is hand-blown and filled with flowers and plants featuring rich color, shape and texture. Designed to show interesting contrast, the glass then flows elegantly and seamlessly from the top to bottom as if it almost floats above like a light cloud. Both design and materials make table top terrariums and glass plant containers an exciting option for indoor gardening and design.

Indoor Garden Design

A large glass terrarium can easily be turned into an unexpected accent for your dining room table, a living room display shelf, or atop a coffee table in the sunroom. With glass terrarium kits available in unique shapes - with unique filler and gift options - customers have their choice of silhouette and included decorative items. The round bubble terrariums and teardrop design evoke the feeling of fluidity reimagined as a flourishing hanging garden enclosure. And the modern bowls and glass vases have and appeal all of their own with convex curvature that playfully bubbles out, only to slim back down at the opening. Playful heart-shaped and even square terrariums round out our collection.

How do I use and decorate with glass terrariums?

Each of the glass terrarium jars pictured above can be applied inside or out, with optimal outdoor use under an overhang or other covered applications. Although a large glass terrarium can definitely go outdoors, many of our customers find that the joy of terrarium planting comes through the ability to create innovative indoor arrangements. And this is not restricted to plants only. Many terrarium enthusiasts find that these enclosures are the perfect individual display case for trinkets, keepsakes, seasonal decorations and all manners of other small-scale decorative pieces.

Shop terrariums for sale online in this, and other departments of our store - or, call us for a special display you have in mind. Our designers can create large-scale terrarium displays that are specific to your restaurant theme, event or existing home décor. We have options for hanging terrariums, tabletop planters and even large-scale greenwalls that can be incorporated to beautify office spaces.