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Villagio Square Planters

The Villagio large fiberglass planter with its classic, Italian styling is made from commercial grade fiberglass suitable for both the wear and tear of outdoor commercial-scapes as well as the planting loads required of a large planter. Whether used as an interior retail planter or a large commercial - industrial exterior planter, the Villagio Planter is a safe and elegant choice.

Custom Sizes: Choose from our most popular size selections below designed to meet the majority of commercial common area improvement spaces or provide us with your precise details. Our engineering and design staff can consult on the viability of soil loads, internal bracing, irrigation options and shipping options. All Villagio Square Planters are custom made to order.

Custom Painting & Colors: We can color match to nearly any manufacturer's color numbers through our own blending process so feel free to ask for one that meets the balance of your projects specifications.. We offer "marine-grade" paint with acryllic clear coat finishes when required or requested - whether on a high gloss finish or matte.

24"L x 24"W x 24"H  Villagio Square Planter
30"L x 30"W x 24"H  Villagio Square Planter
30"L x 30"W x 30"H  Villagio Square Planter
36"L x 36"W x 30"H Villagio Square Planter
42"L x 42"W x 30"H  Villagio Square Planter
48"L x 48"W x 30"H  Villagio Square Planter
36"L x 36"W x 36"H  Villagio Square Planter