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Window Box Liners, Flower Box Inserts & Planter Box Liners

Standard Plastic Liners

Depending on the interior size of your window box any of these window box liners and flower box liners can be used to assist you with your container gardening. Our metal liners have predrilled holes for drainage and plastic liners have drainage plugs.

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Bronze-Tone Galvanized Window Boxes & Planters
Real Copper Window Boxes, Planters & Liners
Black Galvanized Window Boxes & Planters
Silver-Tone Galvanized Window Boxes & Planters
Copper-Tone Galvanized Window Boxes & Planters
Oil-Rubbed Bronze Galvanized Window Boxes & Planters
Textured Bronze Galvanized Window Boxes & Planters
Standard Plastic Liners
Medallion Plastic Window Box Planters or Liners
Galvanized Window Boxes- Textured Bronze (Hammered Finish)
Real Copper Window Boxes/Decora Liners
Galvanized Window Boxes- Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish
Galvanized Window Boxes- Black Metal
Galvanized Window Boxes- Bronze Tone Metal
Galvanized Window Boxes- Copper Tone Metal
Galvanized Window Boxes- White Metal
Galvanized Window Boxes- Silver Tone Metal
Tapered Cellular PVC Window Boxes- White
8"W x 8"H Cellular PVC Planter Liners
10"W x 10"H Cellular PVC Planter Liners
6"W x 6"H Cellular PVC Planter Liners
Custom Size Planters & Liners
Coconut Coir Liners
Standard Size Coco Coir Window Box Liners
XL Coco Fiber Liners
9 Standard Sizes
Coco Fiber Rolls
18in. Preserved Moss Roll - Choose Your Length
Coco Hanging Basket Liners
Galvanized Metal Square Planter Liner
PVC Square Planter Liner
Square Tapered Self Watering Planter Inserts
Large Round Tapered Self Watering Pot and Planter Inserts
Countryside Plastic Flower Box Planters or Liners

Extend Your Planter's Lifespan with a Protective Liner Insert

Hooks and Lattice has a flower box liner to fit most any planter, including metal, wood, and plastic window box liners to accompany all of our most popular styles. Available for online purchase, each planter liner option featured here is a durable, quality grade product designed to keep your container gardens looking fabulous and flourishing with healthy plant life. No matter the season, the right flower box liners help to streamline container gardening for optimal results, while extending the life of garden planters.

Many Materials and Colors to Choose From

Our customers will find hanging basket and planter liner inserts in materials like galvanized metal, raw copper, composite PVC, coco coir, and more. Available in various styles, sizes, colors and finishes - depending on flower box liner material - there is something here to suit any design preference and practical function. Ultimately, a window box liner should be an effective space for planting and each of these options accomplishes that outright. In fact, some of our flower box liners can act as standalone planters for application below window frames, along deck railings, and more.

Full-Sun Containers Benefit from Non-Metal Liners

Choosing a window box liner that is right for your container gardening needs depends on various factors, as any gardener knows. General climate, sun exposure and drainage requirements all factor into the decision. After all, the right flower box liners will create a successful growing environment for bountiful arrangements of flowers and green plants. Outdoor planters in sunny locations benefit from non-metal liners because they provide an extra wall of insulation. In challenging environments where temperatures are variable and moisture levels often fluctuate, many gardeners turn to liners in quality grade plastic materials like fiberglass and composite PVC. These resist cracking, splitting or rotting and can act as a carefree insert for wooden or metal containers that need an extra line of protection to increase performance.

Self-Watering Options

Our square and round self-watering flower pot liners are also featured here. This is a popular option for on-the-go gardeners and those who like to conserve natural resources as much as possible. A built-in reservoir helps plants to keep a store of water and drink as needed for optimal growth. Simply drop them in tapered planters and let them mind the moisture levels for you!