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10' Fluted Aluminum Post, powder coated black

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Your sign is the face of your business, and is the first thing most people will see when they come across your shop, restaurant, or office building. Make the right first impression, while staying in keeping with your surrounding motif, with this fluted aluminum post. It's not only designed to maintain a low key, old world, or vintage feel to coordinate well with your signage, but it's also simple enough to add a bit of flair to more contemporary items as well if you so choose to add a bit of contrast to the overall look. Additionally, the finish is done in satin black, which only adds to the antique appeal.

There are many benefits to using an aluminum post vs other materials. For one, it's lightweight, which makes for an easier installation, whether you're a professional or a do-it-yourself type. Additionally, despite the lack of heft, aluminum is also highly durable and less prone to weather damage than other metals. The powder coated finish prevents rust and corrosion, and also maintains the finish over time with less risk of fading. Less damage means less investment over the long haul, and a better looking light post base through the seasons.

Our posts are also environmentally friendly and able to be recycled. The paint is non-toxic as well. Additionally, the paint color is a perfect match for our other accessories in this line, including aluminum bases, finials, and more. Add your sign and you're ready for installation. Mix and match components to create an ensemble that brilliantly accentuates your aesthetics while also allowing things to be changed down the road if you desire something different. Find signs, brackets, sign lighting, and more detailed accessories right here as well. Just contact our customer support professionals to discuss all the options we have available.