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Barn Light Shade Gooseneck Lighting

Barn lights are no longer for the cows. In fact, barn light shade styles are staging a comeback as seen in popular design and architecture magazines like "This Old House". Breaking free from strictly utilitarian origins, barn lights - with their circular reflectors - now take on an artistic role within modern home and commercial design. Gooseneck barn lights bring an intrinsic charm and warmth to interior or exterior barn light applications, in residential or commercial projects.

A barn light reflector from our assortment of gooseneck lights brilliantly illuminates a home or business, commercial signage, banners or awnings. The Sign Bracket Store collection of barn light shades comes paired with a variety of available arm sizes and styles. Add to that nearly two dozen color and finish options, and you have the makings of a custom interior / exterior barn light fully suited to your needs. Whether it's a retro look you're after or a more contemporary feel, let our selection of gooseneck barn lights illuminate your design plans.

For custom Barn Light Shade Gooseneck Lighting questions, please call 1-888-919-7446 (M-F, 7am-5pm PST).

12" Barn Light Shade Gooseneck Lighting
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16" Medium Barn Lights
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18" Large Barn Light
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Whether looking to infuse a classical retro vibe, or to move design projects in a smooth contemporary direction, Gooseneck Barn Lights offer an attractive and efficient solution. For proper positioning of a barn light reflector in relation to the object or area needing illumination, our wide variety of Barn Light arm sizes and styles allow for functional flexibility. In addition, our barn light shades come in three different sizes (12", 16" and 18") and almost two dozen available colors and finishes for Barn Light Shade Gooseneck Lighting that is customizable to particular residential or commercial design plans.

Each of our interior / exterior Barn Light Gooseneck fixtures is made in the U.S.A. and constructed using high quality powder coated aluminum for extra protection in outdoor environments. As our standard interior / exterior barn light configuration, we offer incandescent 120V sockets. However, for most gooseneck fixtures you can place orders with an optional four-pin compact fluorescent socket and integral ballast, or an optional metal halide socket and integral MH ballast (call for details).

On top of their already distinct rustic barn light style, each gooseneck barn light is a "build-to-suit" product. Once you decide on the type of shade - like our vintage barn lights - size, arm and color/finish, Sign Bracket Store builds the order to be shipped immediately upon completion. Most gooseneck fixtures are shipped within 5-7 business days after an order is received.

Once thought to be limited to enjoyment by livestock, barn light shades are breaking out of the byre and into modern design plans for both commercial and residential spaces. Architects, designers and planners are redefining the barn light reflector as more than a simple illuminator for outdoor containment structures, and bringing it into the aesthetic arena of interior and landscape design. While outside barn lights are popularly applied as commercial exterior or sign lighting, a rustic barn light also charms on a residential front porch or as interior accent lighting.

Inspired by vintage barn lights, our barn light shade design derives from a historically significant silhouette. Perhaps the presence of outside barn lights across American agricultural and industrial tradition is what makes our Barn Light design so appealing. Or, maybe it's because each barn light shade and gooseneck arm is a fully modern, high quality, outdoor rated, commercial grade light fixture that captures an old sentiment in a new way. Whatever the reason, at home or in a place of business, lighting affects our perception of space and its purpose. The right lighting means the right mood, and a better quality of life. For a piece of Americana redefined outside the confines of its once utilitarian definition, the Sign Bracket Store is proud to bring our customers this collection of Gooseneck Barn Lights.

For more information on available styles, sizes, colors and finishes or if you don't see the Gooseneck Barn Light combination that fits your specific requirements, call Sign Bracket Store today at 1-888-919-7446 (M-F, 7am-5pm PST).