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120V Lighting Accessories

Our vast selection of landscape lighting enhances both the curb appeal and the overall security of your property by illuminating everything from pathways to steps to decorative ponds. With line voltage lighting that runs off of your existing power source, you never have to worry about installing additional transformers, constantly replacing batteries, or searching for the sunniest locations. Outdoor lighting accessories make it easy for you to install them anywhere on your property. Our versatile ground stakes perfectly fit the stems of our line voltage path lights, letting you securely mount your fixtures into even the most densely packed earth.

Made from black PVC, they are guaranteed to stand strong in all climates while also blending seamlessly with your substrate. Conversely, all of our path lights can be mounted into threaded hubs in our ground junction boxes. These convenient boxes are an aesthetically pleasing solution for housing electrical connections, keeping them hidden from sight and buried underground. When shopping for outdoor lighting, don't forget landscape lighting accessories to complete your design project!

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4 inch Aluminum Stem
12 inch Aluminum Stem
18 inch Aluminum Stem
24 inch Aluminum Stem
36 inch Aluminum Stem
PVC Mounting Pedestal w/ Side Junction Box
Junction Box w/ Bottom and Side Inlets
Composite In Ground Junction Box for Line Voltage Path Lights
Black PVC Ground Stake for Line Voltage Path Lights

12V Lighting Accessories Ease Installation

The landscape and path lighting that you have selected can be incorporated seamlessly with some of our outdoor lighting accessories, now that you've developed a plan and purchased walkway lights to enhance visibility and curb appeal. Even the most effective and beautiful lights may require some additional assistance to overcome low-lying shrubs, for example, that could interfere with where you'd like or even need them to be placed. For example, customizing height can be easily accomplished by adding a stem to increase the height of your path lights above plant life that may run along your sidewalk. We also carry ground stakes and several varieties of junction boxes to help with the installation.

Landscape Lighting Accessories That Make the Difference

Extension Stems elevate the height of your walkway lights come in a variety of sizes, with 5 sizes ranging from 4 inches to 36 inches. Manufactured to the highest standards, our aluminum stems are made from the best quality lightweight aluminum that is further powder coated to protect it from harsh weather elements. They won't fade, rust, or peel, prevents corrosion from rain or the blistering sun. Easy installation is assured by connecting each end on end until they are securely fastened. We carry a wide variety of colors and finishes so they can be matched to the pathway lights you have selected. Or, we can custom color and texture finishes to meet your exact specification.

Ground Stakes let you install path lights quickly and conveniently without being obvious. They are the single most important mounting tool you need to secure your lighting. Made using a durable and tough PVC material, our ground stakes stand up to impact without damage and are also rust-resistant, ensuring they are durable and strong, lasting well into the future. Only the stem shows above the ground surface and they integrate seamlessly with the environment.

Junction Boxes provide for multiple electrical connections, concealing them from visibility, while also thwarting tampering or accidental damage. We carry a single junction box mounting pedestal made from durable PVC, and 2 sizes of cylindrical junction boxes to streamline your landscape lighting operation. Mounting pedestals fit perfectly in all our pathway light systems and the cylindrical styles can house multiple connections, tucking them out of sight while stabilizing them in the process.