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120V Pathway Lighting

Boost your property's nighttime curb appeal and add an extra level of security with line voltage 120V pathway lighting from our vast collection. These walkway lights serve two purposes when added to your landscape design: they enhance visual appeal and provide much needed illumination after the sun goes down. We offer a number of styles to choose from so that you can make a perfect match with your existing exterior décor. From simple dome hat path lights to ornamental hollyhock hat lights, you are sure to find the perfect way to accent your façade.

When it comes to added safety and security, these path lights are an ideal way to improve your landscape. No longer will you have to worry about late night visitors and patrons tripping over darkened paths and stumbling along shadowy steps. Decrease your risk of liability even as you increase your property's value. These lights are also a great way to delineate garden paths for relaxing midnight strolls and illuminate outdoor entertaining areas. These 120V pathway lights run off of your building's existing electric current so there is no need for extra transformers, short-lived batteries, or solar panels. They are easy to install using our line voltage 120V lighting accessories. Its time to illuminate your pathways today!

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Four Tier Line Voltage Path Light
Large Top Hat Tiered Line Voltage Path Light
Small Top Hat Line Voltage Path Light
Large Hat Line Voltage Path Light
Small Dome Hat Line Voltage Path Light
Small Dome Hat Tiered Line Voltage Path Light
Three Tier Line Voltage Path Light
Hollyhock Hat Line Voltage Path Light
Half Moon Hat Line Voltage Path Light
Natural Brass Half Moon Hat Line Voltage Path Light
Constable Hat Line Voltage Path Light

Beautiful 120V Pathway Lighting

Walkway lights are more than just for show, although they are certainly architectural features that add stunning curb appeal that makes an architectural statement. Path lights also provide an important safety function by adding outdoor lights where they are needed most: where people walk. To both of these ends, we offer a wonderful selection of pathway lights. What's more, this residential landscape lighting series can be easily and conveniently installed as it runs directly off your household's or office's 120V electrical system. With nearly a dozen styles, we are confident you will find the design that best fits your existing landscape and building decor.

The Strength of Pathway Lighting

Security for some home and lawn and garden areas can contain safety issues that are better served by illuminating them after dark. For example, water features that include walkways, rugged landscapes with rock formations, uneven ground surfaces can contain risk factors that can be reduced, and in some cases eliminated, by installing walkway lights. The Large Top Hat Tiered Line Voltage Path Light is very effective at brightening steps constructed from railroad ties or aesthetically pleasing slab rocks, improving visibility and reducing risk.

For more subtle safety illumination, the Small Top Hat Direct Line Path Light is perfect for just enough showering light to see the edge of a traditional sidewalk or to serve as a barrier to stationary equipment or deck edges. Other examples of subtle lighting include the Small Dome Hat Direct Line Path Light and the Half Moon Hat Direct Line Path Light.

Aesthetics, Aesthetics, Aesthetics

For curb appeal and boosting the WOW factor of your property, be it residential or commercial, some lovely examples of pathway lighting includes:

  • Contemporary layered lighting
  • Small and large domed lights
  • Classic designs like the Hollyhock and Constable
  • Sleek styles like the Half Moons and Large Hat lines

This list includes just a small sampling of our residential landscape lighting options. If you desire a different color or finish for any of our walkway lights, our design experts can customize a number of additional shades and textures to match your exterior decor. Give us a call today and let us help you with your next project.