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Mondrian 14in. Tapered Planter - Wasabi

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14"Dia. x 14"H
Base: 8.73"Dia.
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Wasabi-Inspired Bright Green Planter

Those who are familiar with the sharp flavor of wasabi root know that it can be a delightfully powerful kick in the taste buds. We strive to bring that same stunning punch to your decorative sensibilities with our Mondrian tapered round planter in Wasabi green. This eye-catching planter is sure to do anything but fade into the background when you place it on your patio or balcony, living room or hallway. A delicious treat for your eyes, this contemporary planter is just the thing to add that finishing touch to your space. And unlike that wasabi food flavoring, it won't leave you begging for a glass of water afterwards!

Sun-Proof Garden Pots

Our Mondrian tapered round planters have a simple silhouette that is part modern and part traditional. They have a vertical form that leads the eye upward to the floral arrangements within. Subtle etched lines circulating the planter's walls and rim give it a textural quality that sets it apart. But even without that extra touch of texture, the color of this bright green planter speaks for itself. That's why you'll be glad to know that it won't fade over time, indoors or outdoors. You can place these tapered round planters in direct sunlight in your yard, on your deck, or in a window with full sun exposure. A manufacturer's 10-year warranty against fading and cracking is included.

Tapered Round Planters for Commercial Use

Bring a splash of modern color to your home or your commercial space with these sturdy round planters. They are made from resin composite, even though they have the look of handmade ceramic. Since they are made from modern plastic material they incredibly durable, as well as lightweight. These tapered round pots can be used in bustling commercial locations like restaurants, shopping malls, and hotels without fear of heavy foot traffic damaging them. They are made from anti-shock material with double-wall construction.

14"Dia. x 14"H
Base: 8.73"Dia.