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17" Square Self Watering Inserts - Commercial Grade

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Top 17" / Bottom 10" - 17"High 3 Gal

Unlike self-watering inserts and planters found in local hardware stores, these are designed for commercial use. They are industrial grade, and built to endure. We also have high-quality affordable options throughout our site. Shop online or call to find the best reservoir for you: 1-800-896-0978

Square Self-Watering Inserts for Decorative Planters

Keep your plants healthier and your gardening chores to a minimum with our innovative planter technology square self-watering inserts. This 17" self-watering reservoir insert is made to fit into most tapered decorative square planter containers, giving you a lovely combination of attractiveness and functionality in one piece. These black self-watering inserts can be used as a helpful addition to both indoor and outdoor potted plants, ensuring that your treasured garden flowers and greenery always get just the right amount of water and no more. Self-watering reservoirs are perfect for plant lovers who like to travel too.

The Self-Watering Reservoir System

The secret to this handy self-watering insert's success is vacuum-sensor technology. After filling your square self-watering insert the fill hole is closed securely with a stopper, creating a vacuum-sealed unit. From here the soil dryness is measured by a sensor that sits roughly 1/2 to 1/3 down the planter. When the soil is dry the sensor allows air to pass through to the reservoir below which in turn allows water to flow up into the container, giving your growing root systems all the nourishment they need. When moisture reaches the sensor it acts as a vacuum-sealed valve, blocking any extra water from over-moistening your plants. For exterior use an integrated drainage adaptor allows excess rainwater to flow out.

Cut Back Gardening Tasks

Once you have filled the self-watering reservoir (via the convenient watering hole at the planter's top) in your favorite decorative planter the insert waters you plants as needed four times longer than manual filling. This means that you can go weeks without watering a plant that typically had to be tended to every three days, saving you maintenance trouble. Sub-irrigation watering systems are also beneficial to your plants since plants receive water when needed directly through their roots. No over-head watering to damage fragile leaves and stems, no messy clean-up tasks with this leak- and sweat-proof planter insert.

Top 17" / Bottom 10" - 17"High 3 Gal