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18.5" Leafy Vine Ceramic Bathroom Light

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18.5"W x 6"H x 5.5"D

From its delicate floral motif, to its earthy clay construction, there is plenty to love about ceramic wall lights. This ceramic sconce boasts a long, slender shape that's a step above similar wall lighting, in that it's large enough to provide ample lighting for your entire bathroom. It also makes a wonderful accent piece for the living room, hall, or stairway. The off-white bisque finish easily complements foliage themed cutouts throughout. Turn the light on, and watch a lighting display that casts remarkable patterns on the surrounding room. This effect is especially captivating when used with a dimmer switch, which allows for a myriad of settings and displays.

Like our other wall light fixtures, this one is made by hand. Our artists are always hard at work molding and perfecting every piece to make sure they meet our high standards of perfection. Once the general shape is in place, they are air dried for sometimes weeks at a time until they are hardened just enough for the real magic to happen. Cutouts are added using a painstaking process to etch each shape into the clay. Then, they are kiln dried to finish the curing process. Lights are fashioned for use in any indoor room, including damp areas like bathrooms, as well as protected exterior areas.

Because our items are hand crafted by our own artisans, they can also be customized. Specialized cutouts are available using any of our available shapes and artwork, or you can create your own by adding unique motifs, letters, or names. Just call and speak to our design specialists to come up with an idea that inspires you. The personalized touches don't end there, either. Sconces can be easily painted once they arrive to your home using any water based paint. You won't even have to add primer!

Call toll-free to request painting services and additional customizations to fixtures.

Sconce Dimensions: 18.5"W x 6"H x 5.5"D
Additional Sizes: One size only.

Max Incandescent: (2) 150W Incandescent
Max CFL: (2) 42W CFL
Max Optional Fluorescent: (2) 18W GU24 Line voltage by special order. (call)
Mounting Center: 3" MC From Top
Options By Request: Cut-out motif may be ordered on any vanity light.
Material: Ceramic
Available Finishes: White Bisque
UL Listed: Yes
ADA Compliant: Not ADA Compliant