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Carrie Hall's Supreme Fiberglass Window Boxes

Become the envy of the neighborhood by adding a fiberglass window box to every sill along your home's exterior. There is no more perfect way to update your home affordably and easily. Boxes can be mounted to any window, making it easy to showcase beautiful spring flowers and cascading vines. Small herb and veggie gardens are also at home in window boxes, or even large ferns which drape beautifully downward. Gardening not your thing, but you still want the look? We even have a large array of faux flowers to update your boxes for every season of the years. And you'll never have to water them!

What really makes these planter boxes a cut above the rest is their construction. They're made from handmade fiberglass, which is not only more rugged than comparable materials, but also extremely versatile. It can be made to look into most any other material, or crafted into something sleek and charming in its own right, like this box with its white finish. The basic hue allows it to coordinate perfectly with a whole selection of aesthetic arrangements, while also allowing your plants to be the real stars of the show.

Attractiveness is one thing, but fiberglass has a lot more going for it than just good looks. It's made for outdoor uses, resisting everything from rusting to rotting to fading when placed in the hot summer sun. Their longevity makes these planters even more bang for your landscaping buck, since you'll replace them less often even while spending less than other materials. Additionally, glass fiber is lighter and more easily moved when needed when compared to comparable materials. Add to this an easier installation, and you have the perfect DIY container garden. Aside from windows, planters may also be placed along railings and banisters for added versatility.

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