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2009 Photo Contest Entry Rules & Details

How It All Works:
Hooks and Lattice clients from all over the country (and the world) send their photos and info to contest@hooksandlattice.com. The creative team at Hooks & Lattice will narrow the entries down to a group of finalists. Those finalists are included in a survey we send to over 10,000 recipients of our newsletter. All recipients (and others you may forward the newsletter to) may vote a single time, rating each of the final entries on a scale of 1-5 (5 being highest). Contest entries will be categorized by type of product shown in the photo and multiple prizes in several categories will be awarded. Contest winners receive free products, gift certificates and more. View selected 2008 entries by "mousing-over" the thumbnail photos below.

Enter via email to Contest@hooksandlattice.com with your photos as an attachment.

Hooks & Lattice 2009 “I Love My Summer Window Box” Contest

Enter via email to Contest@hooksandlattice.com with your photos as an attachment.

Rules for the "I Love My Summer Window Box" Contest:
•    Submissions must be received no later than August 31st, 2009
•    Identical photographs previously submitted from past years' contests will not be eligible. We encourage you to submit new photos of your window boxes, deck rail planters, hanging baskets, planters etc. (purchased from us) if any changes such as fresh paint, new flowers or new installation location have been made.
•    When submitting photos, in the subject line of your email, please write the way you would like to be identified for contest purposes. Most people choose to use their first and last names e.g. Dan and Cheryl Turnbull or Rosanne Hindes. If you choose, you may use a last initial or other pseudonym. These identifiers will be used with your photo should you become a finalist and be included in judging.  We will not use your City or State so as to protect your privacy.
•    In the body of your email reply, please include the first and last name of the person who originally placed the order for your product(s) so that we can properly reference the design, style and size purchased.
•    Companies (Architects, Designers, Contractors) are welcome to submit photos on behalf of your clients however, please make sure to secure the approval of the property owner if their home appears in the photo.

Release by the Photographer (by entering, you are agreeing to the following):
I do hereby make the following statements, release, assignments and assurances to HooksandLattice.com: I certify that I ("Photographer") am the person who took the photograph(s) submitted herewith (collectively, the "photograph(s)"), and I have not assigned any of my rights associated with the Photographs to any third party and have sole, complete and unrestricted authority to enter into this Release and to grant the rights described in this release.

I release HooksandLattice.com from any liability whatsoever that arises from their use of the photographs except for uses that violate the terms and conditions of this release.

I hereby grant the HooksandLattice.com the royalty-free and nonexclusive right to distribute, publish and use the photograph(s) in publications (print, electronic or web) to promote HooksandLattice.com products as they see fit.

Tips for Winning Photos:
•    When your hanging flowers and plants are beautiful and abundant, we prefer photos in which a significant portion of the window box/deck-rail box, hanging basket, planter or other container is shown.
•    Feel free (and encouraged) to submit “before” and “after” photos. Street views, sidewalk views and close-ups are all welcome.
•    When submitting multiple photos feel free to choose which photo you would like us to judge. In absence of you stating a preference, we will choose one for you. Hint: close-up photos have historically scored higher in our survey results.
•    Photo Size and Resolution: Please submit photos as an attachment to your email – please do not embed the photos in the body of your email.  JPG format is preferred however we can work with .gif or .png extensions as well. Please do not submit photos in .pdf format.
•    Ideal photo sizes and resolutions are 300dpi and 800x800 pixels but we will gladly work with whatever size and resolution you are able to submit.

If you have any questions regarding rules for our contest, please email: LauraH@HooksandLattice.com