22"-24" Fiberglass Hanging Basket Insert

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  • Fits 22" and 24" hanging basket planters
  • Actual Dimensions: 20.75"Diameter x 9"H

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Improve your Hanging Basket growing experience with these fiberglass inserts. Inserts measure 20.75"Diameter x 9"H and are Designed to be used with the 22" or 24" Hanging Baskets.

Key benefits include:

  1. The ability to grow plants off site in a greenhouse.
  2. Extends the watering cycle because water evaporates much less quickly.
  3. Quick substitution of plants with convenient straps.
  4. Extends the life of Coconut Coir Liner.

Links to Additional Hanging Basket Sizes:

More Information
Height 9"
Diameter 22", 24"
Type Fiberglass Inserts
Style Classic
Material Fiberglass
Shape Round
Color Unfinished
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