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24in. Lunar Tall Flower Pot - Available in. 3 Colors

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14"Dia. x 24"H
Base: 9.5"Dia.

Tall Flower Planters for Outdoor Décor

With a water control system built right in, the Lunar 24" flower planter is just the right combination of stunning good looks and delightful low maintenance for all of your container gardening needs. Of all the other flower pots and planters on the market you'll be hard pressed to find one that combines so many attractive attributes in one sleek package. Our Lunar outdoor planters are designed to be supremely durable in all weather conditions, uniquely handsome for any decorative scheme, and beneficial for your growing plants. This versatile planter can be used to add some decorative appeal to any porch or patio. And since it can be easily transported indoors for overwintering plants, it also makes an eye-catching addition to your foyer or living room.

  • 14" diameter x 24" tall planter
  • Includes water-minder insert
  • For indoor or outdoor use.

A Classic Stone Look

If you love the classic look of stone but don't want to deal with the maintenance then you're in luck. Our resin and stone composite Lunar planters are made from ArtStone, a material that gives you that classic look without any of the classic setbacks. Because of their resin composition ArtStone planters are lightweight, making them easy to transport. They are also shatterproof, which is perfect for busy spaces. You can choose your Lunar tall planter in one of three natural colors - Gray, Taupe, or Black - and rest assured that the inherent UV-resistance will protect it from fading and discoloration.

Gardening Peace of Mind

Planters with built-in sub-irrigation give you more peace of mind when it comes to plant care. Every Lunar tall round planter has a smart Water-Minder disc securely glued and pegged into the bottom of the planter. Soil sits right on top of the disc - no need for substrate - while water is collected in the reservoir below. Excess water is reused by the plant as needed, wicked up through the roots. A convenient drainage plug can be removed for outdoor use and reinserted when it's time to bring your planter indoors.

14"Dia. x 24"H
Base: 9.5"Dia.