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24" Plastic Liners

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24"L x 8"W x 5 1/4"H

Keep Plants Safe with Durable Plastic Planter Liners

Keep your flowers and other valuable plant life safer and more secure with this selection of attractive plastic liners. They can be used with any of our window box planters (check dimensions for a good fit), to add extra protection and weather resistance for your flowers, greenery, or edibles. Just place in the box you wish to use, then add soil and plants. Liners keep bugs and other pests out, and they also help plants survive inclement weather conditions with ease. Your container garden maintains its vitality and vigor, without you having to do any extra work. It's a win-win for your garden.

These containers are designed to maintain their appearance over time without rotting or warping. Since they're made from polypropylene, they're able to withstand virtually weather conditions without breaking down, so you'll enjoy season after season of unbeatable style and utility. And with UV protection infused in the material itself, your green, white, or black liner will keep true to its hue for many seasons to come.

The Many Uses for Liners

Liners are more than just protection for plants, however. They're also used make container gardening a breeze. Plant directly inside of them, and then place them easily into your planter box. When you need to take flowers indoors for protection against the cold, or it's time to clean them and add new flowers, they can be easily removed thanks to their lightweight construction. Now it only takes minutes for seasonal change-outs!

In addition to being great liners for planters, these containers are also ideal for use as standalone planters. Use plastic planter boxes to add privacy along balconies, decks, and property lines with clever placement and the use of fast-growing plants. Or, place this plastic rectangular planter right in your windowsill for a bit of privacy on the first floor. Wall, fence, and railing brackets are available for hanging these planters safe and sound.

Please note: Our standard plastic liners are not available in custom sizes. For custom planter liners, or for help finding the right size for you, please call us at: 1-800-896-0978

Top exterior dimensions: 24" x 8"W x 5 1/4"H
Bottom dimensions: 20.5"L x 5"W