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Marek Round Planter 24in.Dia x 24in.H

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24"Dia. x 24"H

Few people can deny the appeal of real stone planters, especially use in commercial applications where a touch of greenery can make all the difference to a building's aesthetics. But stone is pricey, heavy, and not all that convenient in locations where temperatures reach extremes. Enter our fiberglass outdoor planters. At first glance, you'd never know it wasn't real stone or concrete, providing the authentic feel you know and love. However, being crafted from glass fiber composite has its advantages. There is less breaking and cracking in locations where hot and cold temps are the norm. It's also impervious to other weather damage varying materials can succumb to, such as bud infestation and UV fading. Additionally, these planters are lighter and less expensive than their cement counterparts, making for more convenient applications.

Fiberglass has long been used to fabricate large, round planters due to its versatility and ability to be molded into a variety of different looks. This item has a textured exterior, giving it the authentic appearance of actual stone, without all the drawbacks. Less heft means it's easier to move, without having to sacrifice interior planning space. There's plenty of room for trees, large bushes, elaborate flower arrangements, and much more. Additionally, our planters come in 25 stylish colors, many of which are offered at no additional cost to you. Ask about other customization options as well.

These large pots are ideally suited for commercial spaces. Line them along a city square or street to add beauty to the landscaping. They work wonders in shopping malls, resorts, casinos, and other spacious indoor applications where normal potted plants just won't cut it. When used outdoors, they're perfect for the exteriors of commercial complexes, offices, or along sidewalks in shopping or dining areas for a more "put together" look in any space. Additional sizes and shapes may be available upon request. Ask about custom branding and logo application.

24"Dia. x 24"H
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