24in Arch Decora Window Box

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Elegance comes in the form of these Arch Decora Window Box Planters, making them suitable for most any modern home. Graceful arches reach upward and meet in a delicate crisscross pattern that immediately captures the attention, giving these cages an edge over rival window boxes. They come with a crisp white galvanized metal liner, adding a refreshing contrast to the look while also enhancing the convenience factor. Each iron cage has a classic black finish which works well with nearly any surroundings, so whether your house is brick, colored siding, or stucco, you've found your perfect match.

Durability is one feature you need to look for when planter shopping, and these boxes have it. They're made from wrought iron, which is known for its ability to withstand heavy plantings and inclement weather conditions. Bars are forged together to form a seamless piece that won't bend or break. Additionally, both the cage itself and the interior liner are powder coated, making them less likely to succumb to corrosion, rust, and fading when compared to other metal outdoor pieces. Whether you live in the dead heat, or your winters get a little rough, these galvanized planters will stand the test of time, and top our best value list.

They're also made for ease of use, even if you aren't a natural born handyman of do-it-yourself type. For instance, they come with a mounting installation system integrated right into the back, making for seamless installation onto windowsills, walls, or anywhere there is a sturdy flat surface. Railing brackets» are also available, so you're never limited in where you gardening inspiration can take you. Liners feature pre-drilled drainage holes as well, allowing for excess rain water to escape and preventing root rot. When the weather turns nasty, just lift the liner right out of the cage and take it indoors so plants avoid frost, wind, or heavy rain.

More Information
Length 24"
Height 7.5"
Width 8.5"
Style Tapered
Material Wrought Iron
Shape Rectangle, Tapered
Mounting Type Mounting Strip
Liner White
Color Black, Bronze Tone
Sizes 24"
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