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Black Supreme Fiberglass Flower Window Boxes

The "Black Supreme Flowerbox" window box is made of high strength maintenance-free fiberglass. "Black Supreme Flowerbox" window boxes are lightweight and easy to install. These three-ply fiberglass shells won't rot, stain, bleach, freeze, or become disjointed. Each Supreme Flowerbox window box includes a custom drainage mat designed to channel water over the convex bottom to drainage holes located in the end-cap. The Supreme Flowerbox drainage mat replaces pebbles, prevents over-watering and circulates air and heat to plant roots to encouraging faster growth and healthier plants. Enjoy the understated elegance of the Supreme Flowerboxes window boxes classic white finish or brush on a bold splash of your own color.

If you prefer the charm of a hand crafted window box please take a look at the hand crafted "La Fleur" Fiberglass Window Boxes and the "Del Sol" Fiberglass Window Boxes. 

Our Supreme Fiberglass Window Boxes are also available in custom lengths (42, 54, 66 in. etc.).  Call us to discuss your needs 800-896-0978.

24in. Black Supreme Fiberglass Window Box
30in. Black Supreme Fiberglass Window Box
36in. Black Supreme Fiberglass Window Box
48in. Black Supreme Fiberglass Window Box
60" Black Supreme Fiberglass Window Box
72in. Black Supreme Fiberglass Window Box
84" Black Supreme Fiberglass Window Box
96in. Black Supreme Fiberglass Window Box
Optional  Brackets (For Fiberglass Supreme Boxes Only)
Universal Scroll Flower Box Holder Pair

Black Supreme Fiberglass Window Flower Boxes

The Black Supreme Window Flower Boxes have a sleek and stunning design. Their fiberglass composition offers a smooth surface that sports a glistening black sheen. Lightweight and easy to mount, this fiberglass window planter presents a tuxedo motif against any white exterior paneled home. They also add elegance when used as deck railing planters. These black window boxes offer a seamless appearance when mounted on wrought iron railings. (Supreme railing brackets sold separately.) Their protruded mini-panels add mystique to the planter's styling, with a single mini-panel on top and two panels gracing the bottom edges of the box. Whether using as flower boxes for windows or as railing planters, the Black Supremes display untold beauty and dignity to any home's exterior decor. And of course, mount them in both locations for an ongoing curb-appeal boosting theme.

Learn More About Fiberglass Window Boxes in this short video:

Fiberglass Planters: Durable and Enduring

Fiberglass is one of the most popular materials used in manufacturing today. It won't crack, rot, split or warp. This ensures the Black Supreme Flower Boxes stand up against all kinds of weather extremes without fail. Use them season after season and they still look as pristine and crisp as the day you first installed them. Each planter box comes with a drainage hole at one end, conveniently situated away from the planter's back side. This signature positioning allows water to drain out at the furthest point from the house or railing. Plant roots stay efficiently drained as well from built-in drainage mats, replacing pebbles to prevent over-watering and allowing roots to breathe.

Understated Elegance Can Be Customized

The Black Supreme Fiberglass Flower Window Boxes are available in eight sizes beginning at 24 inches long and extending up to 96 inches long. If your home calls for longer planter boxes for oversized windows or railings, we suggest either using several plant containers to mount beneath windows. Or if longer planters are required, just let us know. We can manufacture these beauties up to 108" long for an exact fit. For additional information about the Black Supreme planters, please call 800-896-0978 to speak with one of our window box specialists today.