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24" Light Duty GroundTech Ground Spike 4X4 Post

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4x4 Wooden Post:
3 5/8" x 3 5/8"

Time-Saving Post Ground Spike

Eliminate backbreaking labor and save valuable time installing 4x4 posts with this handy light duty post ground spike from GroundTech. Digging post holes for installing your favorite outdoor equipment, furnishing, and decorative accents can be a daunting task for even the toughest homeowner, but with these delightfully simple 4x4 post stakes you can have those posts in the ground quicker than you can say "curb appeal." No post hole digger is required, and there's no messy concrete to mix. In short, this long sturdy spike does all the work in three simple steps. Now you can enhance your landscape with decorative planters, trellises, signs or lampposts with minimal work and rest assured that they will stand secure for years to come.

Durable Steel 4x4 Post Stakes

Our light duty GroundTech post ground stakes are designed to be used with 4x4 wooden posts. 4x4 posts are the most widely used means for installing fencing, creating outdoor site elements like clothes lines and firewood stackers, and setting up decorative yard enhancements like mailboxes and birdfeeders. Made from heavy gauge steel, these post ground spikes are even sturdy enough for storage sheds and carports. Each ground spike is tested against the harshest elements to ensure that it will withstand outdoor applications in any sort of weather. This post holder has a rust- and scratch-resistant gray powder coat finish that blends in well with your natural scenery.

Simple Three-Step Installation

Each GroundTech ground spike includes two mounting bolts for a secure fit with any 4x4 wooden post. This ground spike with its simple three-step process installs in a fraction of the time that traditional post installation would require.

  1. Hammer in the stake wherever you want your new post to be.
  2. Set your 4x4 post in the convenient square opening.
  3. Tighten the bolts to secure the post in place for a strong hold that's guaranteed to last.

Job well done thanks to GroundTech!

4x4 Wooden Post:
3 5/8" x 3 5/8"
1 - Ideally, locate post on a flat or level surface. Realize the base of the GroundMaster Post will not sit flush to the ground if you mount you post on an incline.

2 - Place a short 4x4 post, about 2" longer than collar depth, into post system collar (you will use this to pound the spike into the ground.

3 - Using a sledge hammer, strike the short 4x4 post.

4 - After a few strokes, check for vertical alignment with a level so that you sign, when mounted will be upright.

5 - Continue striking the post until collar is flush with the ground.

6 - Remove short post. Place the actual post into the collar.

7 - Check to ensure that the post is vertical.

8 - Insert the bolts supplied. Tighten to hold the post securely. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN BOLTS.

To Remove Post System (For temporary installation and when spike is to be removed):

1 - Remove some of the ground from around the collar area.

2 - Insert a pry bar on 4x4 post under collar.

3 - Place another short 4x4 post under the pry bar or post for leverage to "pry" spike from ground.

4 - Push downward on the pry bar to safely release the spike from the ground. Spike may be reused in another application.