24in. Santiago Decora Window Box w/ Plastic Liners

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Protect your favorite seasonal flowers from pesky bugs and inclement weather by gardening in one or a collection of wrought iron window boxes. Handcrafted with a lattice-style pattern, these iron planters are perfectly, beautifully shaped, and they are lightweight alternatives to your typical exterior gardening décor. Dubbed the Santiago Decora Window Box - each of these iron planter boxes has a special black powder-coating that keeps the ever-changing outdoor environment at bay. Furthermore, our array of these wrought iron window box planters comes equipped with a white plastic liner, featuring removable drainage plugs and resistance to fading. Ideal for windowsills and deck railings.

More Information
Height 7.5"
Width 8.5"
Style Tapered
Material Wrought Iron
Mounting Type Mounting Strip
Color Black
Sizes 24"
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