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23.3" Round Self Water Planter Inserts - Fits in 28" Pot

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Top 23.3" / Bottom 14.5" - 21.5"High - 6 Gal

Lower hands-on planter maintenance with a "Water-Smart" Container Garden Insert. Designed to drop inside a 28" tapered pot or vase planter, this irrigation tank features vacuum-sensor technology to monitor and regulate moisture levels. Plants and flowers drink from a water wick extending up from the easy self-fill tank that has an opening large enough for a garden hose. Self-watering planter inserts decrease manual efforts in the garden by maintaining optimal moisture up to four times longer than the usual hand-watering interval. In other words, a container garden arrangement that needs sprinkling 3 times per week can go up to 12 days on a self-watering tank, depending on the environment. And plants love the consistency, prompting gardeners to rave about the results they get with a self-watering planter tank. Smart irrigation also helps to eradicate overwatering and capitalize on natural resources like rainwater. Vacuum-sensor technology tells the tank when to accept excess rainwater for a natural refill, and when to let it run off through an adjacent drainage pipe.

Top 23.3" / Bottom 14.5" - 21.5"High - 6 Gal

Additional Self Watering Insert Information

To fill your reservoir, simply remove the stopper plugging the fill hole on the top of the reservoir and pour water in by hand. Replace the stopper when the reservoir is full. The water will flow into the soil through the holes in the bottom of the reservoir. This allows the plants to be watered from the bottom up, the way that nature intended. The reservoir contains a moisture sensor, which will cause a tube to close once it absorbs moisture, preventing your plants from being over-watered. When the plant has used the water in the soil, the sensor will dry, and the tube will open again and the process will repeat.

Plant Insert Filling

Drainage Plug

These reservoirs have a built-in overflow drainage plug in the sidewall. If the reservoir will be used outdoors, remove the plug to allow excess water to flow out as necessary. If the reservoir will be used indoors, leave the drainage plug in place, as overflowing should not be an issue. Questions? Email or call us toll free 1-800-896-0978

Overflow Drainage Plug