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24"L x 10"W x 10"H Cellular PVC Planter Liners

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Once you have your window boxes picked out and ready to go, you need the right liner to finish the deal. While there are many options available, these window box and planter liners are one selection we feel gives you plenty for the price. They're durable, lightweight, and more affordable than some other materials, a perk for those who are just getting started with gardening, or who just want a simple product that does its job without too many frills. Not to be limited to lining large planters, these can also be used as standalones, and do not need a planter or cage for use.

These liners are made from solid-core cellular PVC. This material is light, easy to lift and remove from the cage when needed. But this feature doesn't mean it's not sturdy. It will hold up against inclement weather with ease without rusting, rotting, chipping, or peeling. The finish is UV protected to prevent fading, so appearances are maintained through the seasons. Additionally, the construction is extra thick, giving it the appearance of real wood, but without the risk of insect infestation, warping, and rotting when used in wet weather conditions. Even so, PVC is far more affordable and effective than wood and metal liners.

There are many added benefits to using liners with garden planters. For one, planting is less of a hassle. Use your potting table to add soil, seeds, or plants and then put them in place after you're done. When a surprise frost hits, you need only to lift the interior out of the cages and take it indoors until the danger has passed, and then put the liner back in place. Drainage holes are pre-drilled, so excess water is no longer an issue. It drains out during heavy rain, or when you accidentally get a little overzealous with your watering.

Call toll-free to request custom dimensions, drainage or for watertight planter liners.