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$25 Hooks and Lattice Gift Certificate

In Stock

Announcing the ultimate gift that gardeners will love to receive: It's the opportunity to select their most desired home and garden products on someone else's tab!

A $25 Hooks and Lattice Gift Certificate bestows upon the recipient a veritable garden of options via our convenient, secure website. They can put the amount toward a purchase of:

  • Window boxes, patio planters or hayracks
  • Replacement planter liners like coconut coir
  • Gardening supplies and accessories
  • Home décor like terrariums and wall art
  • Designer lighting for any room in the house

When you give a Hooks and Lattice gift certificate, there's no question that the gardener you have in mind is getting just what they want (or need). So, make it their choice on the next birthday, anniversary or housewarming. A garden shopping spree is more personal than cash and less risky than a guess for that "just right" gift.

Hooks and Lattice Gift Certificate Ordering Process:

  1. After selecting the denomination you need, add it to your shopping cart and checkout. You will be asked to enter your gift recipient's email address so we can email them the gift card directly. Both the buyer and recipient email addresses will be notified.
  2. After you place your online order, you will receive an email confirming that we received it, as well as another email with your purchase receipt attached.

Be sure to add Sales@HooksAndLattice.com» to your email address book to ensure delivery.

Don't Want Your Recipient to Receive the Gift Immediately?

Simply do not enter their email address at the time of order placement and then await its arrival in your inbox. From there, it's up to you if you want to print the gift certificate and give it in person or forward the email confirmation to them at the desired time of giving.

How to Use a Gift Card Online:

Using your Hooks and Lattice gift card at checkout is easy and instantaneous. Enter your unique gift certificate code number into the field labeled: "Gift Certificate Code (optional)" and click the Apply button.

Each unique number can only be used one time. If you do not use the amount in its entirety the remaining balance will stay with your gift card code - so be sure to keep in handy for your next shopping trip!


Call our in-house, friendly staff at: 800-896-0978 Monday-Friday, 7am-5pm PST. You can also send us an email: Sales@HooksAndLattice.com» 24/7 and we'll respond as soon as possible.