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Prestige 28x28 Patio Planter - Black

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Exterior: 28"L x 28"W x 28"H
Interior: 22"L x 22"W x 22"H

Real Wood Appeal with Vinyl

The classic look of real wood without any of the maintenance headaches, that's what our Prestige indoor and outdoor plant containers have to offer. And when you think about the money and time you'll save not having to replace or repair damaged planters, that's quite a lot!
These elegant square planters offer both timeless style and maintenance-free ease to give you a decorative fix that will last for years out on your porch or patio. This small square planter has a traditional framed panel design that is delightfully versatile. It comes in a chic black color (other colors also available) that blends in well with both modern and traditional décor.

Durable Outdoor Plant Containers

Though it is rotationally molded in a process similar to ceramic-making, this clever chameleon of a planter has all the look and feel of actual carved and pieced wood. From the decorative upper and lower trim to the beautifully incised side panels, the Prestige square planter gives you handmade charm with all the advantages of vinyl. Made with ingrained UV-protection, this black planter won't fade or discolor when placed out in direct sunlight all year long. The sleek black color is through-and-through, guaranteeing uniformity inside and out. The Prestige planter is also made using a double-wall design that adds rigidity and durability. Resin is impervious to rotting, cracking, insect and moisture damage.

Decorating with Square Planters

Though short in stature the 28" square Prestige planter actually has an abundance of interior planting space, 32 gallons to be exact. That gives you plenty of room to cultivate any of your favorite flowers, herbs, vegetables, shrubs, or combinations of all four. For indoor use, fill this sleek black planter with vibrant green tropical plants or succulents to make it truly stand out. These square planters make a great way to line outdoor pathways and drives, facades or patios. They can also be used indoors to accent living spaces.

Exterior: 28"L x 28"W x 28"H
Interior: 22"L x 22"W x 22"H