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Prestige 28x28 Patio Planter - Espresso

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Exterior: 28"L x 28"W x 28"H
Interior: 22"L x 22"W x 22"H

Accent Your Patio Furniture and Décor

Create a unified look with your façade, lawn and patio furniture and décor by adding these attractive square planters to the mix. Matching patio planters give your outdoor living space an overall appearance of well-thought-out style, as if your home came straight out of a magazine photograph, showing that you care about the face you show the world. Our Prestige patio planters are designed to have a classic versatile look that goes well with any type of décor or architectural style. And since these square planters come in a subtle Espresso brown color they are a sure match for any color scheme.

A Classic Real Wood Look

Our Prestige planter pots have a real wood look that helps them to blend in well with wooden outdoor furniture, wooden trim or accessories on your home. However, they are actually made from a heavy-duty vinyl material. These planters feature a classic framed panel design - with pronounce upper and lower trim and beautifully incised panels - that is easy to mistake for real wood, especially in this deep brown color. Crafted with double-wall construction and a textured finish, these square planters are much more durable than wooden planter boxes. You won't have to worry about insect damage or moisture-related rot. They won't crack or swell due to changes in the weather, and they won't fade in direct sunlight.

Uses for Matching Patio Planters

The Prestige Espresso planter box speaks of traditional elegance. These planters are a wonderful addition to upscale homes and classy business establishments. Create a stunning entrance to your property by lining a driveway, walkway or façade with these matching square planters. A matched pair can also be used to create a focal point flanking an entryway. This large planter has a 32-gallon inner capacity for a wide variety of plants. For a truly sophisticated look try lush green manicured topiaries of ivy or English boxwood.

Exterior: 28"L x 28"W x 28"H
Interior: 22"L x 22"W x 22"H