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Prestige 28x28 Patio Planter - Sandstone

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Wood Look, Stone Finish, Vinyl Strength

Is it meticulously carved stone or is it skillfully crafted wood? That's what you may ask yourself when you behold these handsome paneled planter boxes. The truth is, it's neither! The square Prestige patio planter is actually made from polyethylene, an innovative and highly durable plastic material. A true chameleon of materials, polyethylene has the ability to mimic the look of other natural materials while giving you a much sturdier and longer-lasting product. Available in a lovely Sandstone color, this vinyl outdoor planter gives you timeless handcrafted charm in a piece that is a dozen times easier to upkeep.

Resilient Vinyl Outdoor Planter

The Prestige square garden planter has a carved wood appearance, featuring gracefully molded trim on both the top and bottom and precisely incised panels on all four sides. Meanwhile a textured finish and Sandstone color give it the look of stone or ceramic. However, unlike wood or stone, this vinyl planter can stand up to the pressure of heavy-traffic environments and the outdoor elements without batting an eyelash. Thanks to its resilient material and rigid double-wall construction, the Prestige planter will last for many years in any application, including busy commercial spaces and inclement weather. It will resist fading, cracking, and warping and is impervious to rot and insect damage.

Square Planter Boxes in You Décor

The Sandstone finish of this square planter gives it a classic look that fits in well with traditional styles of outdoor or indoor décor. The subdued hue makes it a perfect complement to natural greenery, especially manicured topiaries and cascading green foliage. These large square planters offer plenty of planting space - 32 gallon soil capacity - for simple one-species plantings or multi-species arrangements. Use a single planter to accent an empty space in a deck or patio corner. Or pair two of these planters to flank a doorway or walkway. Multiples can also be used to line walkways in stunning style.

Exterior: 28"L x 28"W x 28"H
Interior: 22"L x 22"W x 22"H