24" Galvanized Window Box- White

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You appreciate the simple things in life. Frills aren't what you're looking for, because you feel your gardening prowess is all you need to make a statement. That's where these galvanized window box planters come into play. They're sleek, smooth, and basic in design, so your dazzling blooms can take all the glory. They enhance your home's exterior, but without stealing focus away from the plants you really wish to showcase. While the white finish gets this job done nicely, these boxes can be painted whatever color you desire using a high quality latex paint intended for outdoor use.

Each of our white window planters is made from galvanized steel, a material that is much lighter and more durable than wood, but mimics it well. Sturdy walls enhance the appearance, while adding extra strength and stability to the design. Because it has less heft, however, it's simple to lift and then put back into place when needed. Easy installation is provided by coordinating brackets», which can be used on windowsills and other flat surfaces, such as walls. Additionally, for a little more variety, deck railing brackets are available as well, so getting creative in your placement is an option too.

Quality is our number one goal, so every PVC planter is powder coated. What this means, is that the coloration is baked into the material directly. This prevents chipping and peeling, as well as fading when used in areas with direct sun. Additionally, this material is not prone to insect infestation during the hot summer months, nor is it at risk of rotting and warping like real wood planters can be. It's the ideal combination of convenient, strength, and affordability - these planters are a fraction of the cost of many others you'll find, but they lack none of the appeal!

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Length 24"
Height 7.5"
Width 8"
Style Tapered
Material Galvanized
Color White
Sizes 24"
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