30" Medallion Decora Window Boxes w/ Oil-Rubbed Bronze Galvanized Liner

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When it comes to style and never ending versatility, the Medallion flower window boxes are discerning homeowners' go-to choice. Their bold lines form an X frame, at the center of which is a detailed medallion for an elegant effect. The black finish completes the look, adding a classic element while still maintaining a simplicity that can also work with more contemporary homes. Where other gardening options are limited, our window boxes are able to move wherever you need them. Place in the conventional location, or move them to brick walls, fences, or on railings to liven up the deck or patio. All you need is the right brackets and a few minutes of your time.

Each of these iron wall planters come with a galvanized metal liner in a rich bronze hue. This not only adds to the visual appeal, but also ups the convenience of the item. Since the liner can be lifted right out of the planter box itself, you won't have to uninstall or ruin your planting arrangements any time you need to replant or move flowers to a safer, indoor location. Just lift the liner and place wherever it's needed. Pre-drilled holes are also added, allowing excess rain water to escape to prevent root rot.

Stability is ensured thanks to the wrought iron construction. The metal is seamlessly forged together to form one unit, cutting the down the risk of bending buckling under the weight of larger arrangements. Additionally, both the cage and the liner have powder coated finishes. Because the color is a part of the metal itself, it's less likely to chip, peel, and fade under the sun's UV rays. Rusting and other weather damage is also prevented, making for long lasting appearance as well as functionality. Ask about additional sizes and liner options to accommodate your home.

Bolts and brackets are sold separately for installation on walls, fences and railings.

More Information
Length 30"
Height 7.5"
Width 8.5"
Mounting Type Mounting Strip
Liner Bronze
Color Black
Sizes 30"
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